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Dec 3, 2009 11:07 AM

Looking for something unique in Miami

I will be traveling to Miami soon and would love to check out some 'off the beaten path' places, I've looked up all the spots that have been on T.V. and would like to avoid them even if they are the best. Leaning towards Cuban, Haitain, Peruvian cuisine. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Puerto Sagua in Miami Beach is good, authentic Cuban food, without the Miami Beach prices. I don't think that they've been covered by any TV show as it's not a showy place.

    1. Tap Tap is fun on the weekends for hatian. Not amazing food all the time, but they do a very good chicken dish and fri/sat night has live music. Also great mojitos and decor. I know there are some more authentic hatian restaurants VERY off the beat and path but im not sure they are in the best neighborhoods. There are alot of Peruvian options. I like francesco in coral gables, but its alittle costly and is sort of reserved. They do amazing ceviche and seafood in general. I've heard that La Cofradia also has very good peruvian food. I second Puerto Sagua. Versailles is always one of my faves, although you are straying from TV faves, this place is a miami institution and worth going to. Also my personal fave is palacio de los jugos, it is more market style and has outdoor covered seating only, but the food is AWESOME

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        I too would be interested in places not "as seen on TV". I'm coming from Portland OR, on my way to Peru, so don't need that. Anything else that is islander, or Central/South American that is pretty low-key and inexpensive? I'll be staying in North Beach, if that helps. No car. I see that on Tripadvisor Puerto Sagua rated #14 out of 400 places.

        What about Spris, Piola, and Sazon?
        Thanks for your help.

      2. Tap Tap is a great choice! Go for the Shrimp and Coconut dish sub the Rice and Grits for a side...delish dish indeed! One of the unique-ist and best I can think of in fact!

        Salmon Salmon for Peruvian cuisine.

        Barton G is unique although it isn't one of your chosen food genres. The food presentations give it it's uniqueness.

        Garcia's on the Miami River for Seafood ala Cubano.

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          TV or no TV, Versailles is interesting. So are some of our tapas spots( Happy Wine), or Argentine empanada spots (La Estancia), or Colombian, or Jamaican, or Venezuelan, or Peruvian. Puerto Sagua is okay, but hardly as vibrant and real as Versailles or anything in the city.

        2. It is essentially a covered open air fruit market with a ton of different prepared foods, but el palacio de los jugos would definitely be up there for me for lunch one day.