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Dec 3, 2009 11:02 AM

Cutlery / Chinese Cleaver in DC Area

What are the best spots to purchase Cutlery in the DC Area?

I have visited Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma, et al. and am looking for a store that specializes in cutlery and carries more brands / models.

Also want to purchase a Chinese Cleaver and am curious to know if Super H Mart or one of the other Asian Markets in the area is the best place to find a cheap Chinese Cleaver.

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  1. Maxim Chinese Market on Rockville Pike in Rockville has a nice selection of cleavers, woks, etc. at very reasonable prices. I picked up a cleaver for about 12 bucks that you can shave with after a few strokes of the steel.

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      Thanks flavrmeistr! I'm in NWDC so will check it out!

    2. If you want to stay in DC proper, there's an Asian store on 7th in Penn Quarter, just north of the China arch, that would have a cheap cleaver. I don't know what it's called, but it's very easy to find - in the same block as Nando's, I think.

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      1. Hill's Kitchen is an AWESOME store on cap hill and I know they have cleavers. I actually took a knife skills class there and used one for the first time. I may have to buy one too if santa doesnt bring me one!