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Dec 3, 2009 10:40 AM

Best Christmas Dinner in Santa Fe????

We are going to be in Santa Fe for Christmas this year, and we are staying at a rental house on Canyon Rd, but we dont want to prepare xmas dinner. Where is the best place to get a semi-traditional Christmas dinner. By that I mean, we are not looking for Asian/Indian, no specifics as far as vegetarian or anything. We've made a few calls and a lot of places are either not open or they are serving their normal menu.

Has anyone had Christmas dinner at Bishop's Lodge or Amaya in the Hotel Santa Fe before? These look to be closest to what we are looking for.

Any help would be appreciated, or suggestions of other, better places as well.


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  1. I have not Christmas dinner at Bishop's Lodge but I heard they had a killer Thanksgiving and it sold out. Nor have I eaten at Amaya. Have you tried SantaCafe? It's pretty at night and the food is consistently good. We had a wonderful New Year's dinner at the former Baleen--now Luminaria--in the Inn at the Loretta a couple of years ago. It's a very intimate room and despite it's ever changing management, it's always been one of our favorite spots in SF. Martin's might also be a good idea since this is his first year open during the holidays.

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      We were in Santa Fe over Thanksgiving, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at SantaCafe. A three course dinner, price based on your entree, with wonderful wine selections to boot. We were thoroughly satisfied and enchanted. They are doing a Christmas meal, too.

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        Thank you both for your imput. We went ahead and made reservations for the Bishop's Lodge. I spoke to the staff at SantaCafe, and there wasn't anything that my world's pickiest dad would go for, perhaps if it were just my husband and I and my inlaws...but that will have to wait for another time. Thanks!

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          I'm curious to hear how the meal was. We stay there sometimes during the summer.

    2. I would suggest you read this article from

      It is 2 part article about where to eat in Santa Fe over Christmas. As we have spent many holidays in Santa Fe, I agree with the recommendations.

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        Thank you for the link! From the looks of it it seems as though we picked the right spot, my husband and father and the rest of our group will be very pleased. I just emailed the link to my DH who replied "nom nom nom"... which is a good thing in our world.