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Dec 3, 2009 08:58 AM

Any Ludobites Reports?

Reservations for all seatings were fully booked soon after opening so I'm surprised we haven't seen any reports yet.

I'm going tonght. Any recommendations from those that were there last night?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Well you might have been there when I was there, but here's a brief report for those who have yet to go. First off, I've got to say that I wasn't quite as wowed as I was when I went this past summer. But I still feel that the creativity and the sheer quality of the food that was presented is still something that needs to be experienced. Going off of the menu posted on, my friends and I ordered everything off the menu except for the peanuts in curry sauce. Each dish is really enjoyable in their own right. Most notably...The scallop had some great citrusy flavors with the bits of pineapple. The squid was incredibly fresh and was complimented by the salty/brininess of the kimchee puree. The pork belly was fatty and decadent paired with the bits of onion flaked apple. The udon broth was wonderfully rich with flavor and light at the same time. The best was the tourte with the buttery flaky pastry crust.
        Overall it's a solid experience, and perhaps they're experiencing some early opening day jitters and they'll pull it together tighter soon.

        1. I agree. This incarnation of Ludobites was no where near as good as the previous.

          We had the

          -peanuts with curry sauce. Basically peanut brittle with a hint of curry. Good with beer. Not quite impressive with dinner.

          -Bread soup with poached egg and gruyere marshmellow. Excellent actually. The soup was smoky and made with bacon we're told.

          -foie gras beignet. Huge let down . There was a generous portion of foie gras in the center of the breading. However, I was thinking more molten and soft foie gras. This was still cold and retained the texture of foie which is probably what the chef was aiming for.. For me, I have had much more enjoyable versions of this dish (eg. Manresa's liquid foie gras croquette)

          -stripped bass with garden vegetables and yuzu aoili. The aoili was delcious, the vegetables were delicious, but the the bass was overcooked and dry.

          -hanger steak with crunchy escargot and black olive mole. A delicious dish full of umami. Not sure the crunchy escargot worked together with the hanger steak but each component was delicious on its own.

          Wanted to get the fourme tourte but they were out. So disappointed. I had brought a decent bottle of burgundy specifically for that pairing.

          -chocolate cake with coconut sorbet and pink pepper meringue. Not the most appetizing looking dish but I liked the sensation of the pepper that hits you at the end.

          I would rate this experience as average compared to the wonderful Ludobites experience at Bread Bar. Nothing approached the genius of the foie gras black croque-monsieur at Bread Bar.

          1. Another voice echoing the above. The Breadbar version wowed me more. My favorite was the pork belly paired with the apple, and others I think liked best the veal udon. Quite flavorful but a bit too salted for my taste. I too liked the rich bread soup, and seem to have gotten a better prepared piece of bass than did Porthos. The tourte was gone, and the kitchen closed early, without warning, except for desert, soon after our waitresses had said we could wait on deciding which dish to get next. I'd hope this is an issue that gets straightened out quickly, especially as they had problems turning tables and had booked people for much later than requested. Because quickly is all the time they've got.

            Nonetheless, a great eating experience, and hope there's a new incarnation soon in the new year.