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Dec 3, 2009 08:32 AM


I'll be in NOLA for a conference. Was hoping to get advice regarding where I can get a good cup of coffee and quick breakfast.

I'm planning to check out Cafe du Monde and Croissant D'Or Patisserie.

I'm staying at Hilton Riverside so would be nice if the eateries were within walking distance.


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  1. Both the CDM and CDP are quite a trek from your hotel; they are wonderful, but if you're hoping for a quick breakfast, you might try something a little closer (I'm assuming your conference is at the Hilton, too). There are Cafe Fleur de Lis, Daisy Dukes, and Mena's on Chartres St. All of them offer standard breakfast food that isn't gourmet fare, but good enough to get your day started until you have the free time to explore the many other great food options. Cafe Fleur de Lis probably has the tastiest food of the three, but it does take a little longer to receive your order; you'd have time to enjoy a good cup of coffee while waiting.

    1. cake cafe and bakery on charters and spain in the marigny has a good cheap fast breakfast sandwich for six bucks! get it on the home made bagel....yummy, plus you can grab a pastry to tide you through any potentially lenghty meetings...

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        i love Nola Cake Cafe, but i wouldnt call the egg-bacon-cheese biscuit/bagel for $6 cheap -- in many of the CBD offices we can get those for a couple bucks.

        not sure any of the $10+ special entrees do it for me either (sorry guys, the grits are seriously weak)

        imo steve & team do a HELLA job on the pastries and cakes, thats what he does best. their goat cheese & apple king cake is the best ever...

      2. Cake Cafe isn't exactly withing walking distance of the Hilton.

        Two good options a bit closer to you are Welty's Deli (good coffee, pastries) and Between the Bread (excellent coffee and good breakfast sandwiches and pastries).

        Mena's and Fleur de Lis do both do OK diner breakfasts, but nothing special or particularly worth the walk from the Hilton. I do like the hash browns at Fleur de Lis, as they are the shredded kind, almost certainly straight out of the Sysco bag, but they fry them on the griddle in lots of butter until they are actually crispy. Crispy hash brown patties are hard to find. And they have an ok cup of coffee. Still, I'd do Welty's or Between the Bread first.

        Can't speak to Daisy Dukes as I never have and never will set foot in a place with a name like that.

        Welty's Deli
        336 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130

        Between the Bread
        625 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

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          You should also check out restaurant Luke in the Hilton on St Charles at Poydras. Great pastries baked in house, excellent coffee... good for sit down or, I believe in the morning, on the go. Cafe Adelaide in the Loew's Hotel on Poydras. Also, you can try Mother's on Poydras. Finally, the Riverside Internet Cafe at 1 Poydras serves Lavazza coffee.

          You may end up staying in the hotel, though, where you can get a good breakfast in house, and a coffee from Starbucks. Busy conferences are simply that.

        2. stanleys by jackson park does a nice breakfast. elizabeth's is good, but neither quick nor convenient.

          and while locals tend to hate it, i have a soft spot for mothers. but depending on the tourist load it might be a long wait - i've only been to NOLA in the summer when the tourist bounty was full

          1. For breakfast, my first two "go-tos" would be the Original Coffee Pot, and Stanley!

            I've enjoyed the former for years, from back when it was Maxie's Coffee Pot, and the latter, since they opened.