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cambridge/somerville dinner?

looking for a good, casual restaurant to meet with a friend in the Cambridge/Somerville area tonight. could be any type of cuisine. Any ideas??

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  1. price range? Green Street is casual, but some may find it pricey.

    1. Eat at Pho N Rice, on Beacon St!

      1. I'd like to keep it relatively cheap.

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          Diner on the Cambridge/Somerville line at Danny's Diner on Beacon St. HTH, HAND, etc.

        2. how about entrees under $20, eclectic is fine, perhaps with a good beer selection?

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              Very casual, Redbones, Davis Sq., Somerville. Plenty of beer.

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                Fun Places to meet friends with good beer:
                Cambridge Common
                Cambridge Brewing Co
                The Thirsty Scholar

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                  Second the Garden at the Cellar. Trina's Starlite Lounge is good too. The Independent in Union Sq - sit in the bar.

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                    thailand cafe near MIT on Mass Avenue but only for sichuan food - the chef used to work at sichuan gourmet
                    ole grille for mexican food off Cambridge Street
                    border cafe in harvard square for pseudo mexican food

                2. East Coast Grill is one of my favorite places in Cambridge for dinner. The food is consistent and the cocktails are great. Its always got a very fun atmosphere too.

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                    I wouldn't describe it as cheap, though.

                  2. Would you consider going just over the Cambridge line into Arlington? I always have a great and cheap time at Za.

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