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Dec 3, 2009 08:16 AM

Butterball boneless turkey breast roast - ideas needed

I'm visiting/staying with some friends who have this 3lb Butterball Boneless Turkey Breast Roast in their freezer that one of their parents bought during a visit and never used. We have no idea what to do with it but I would like to help them make something from it. We're thinking maybe something in a crockpot, but are looking for ideas that won't make it seem like Thanksgiving again. Help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. You could de-bone it and make turkey cutlets or spinach stuffed turkey roulades with an au could cut it into cubes for a kabob, turkey curry or a grind it for burgers

    1. Are you looking for something other than roasted turkey breast? What about a long marination time and then grilling it? Or cutting the meat off the bone and using it in kebabs, perhaps with a Mediterranean or Turkish bent?

      1. Hi Jen

        Poultry breasts are best when grilled or roasted. Because they are so lean, they aren't really good in crockpots, IMO. They tend to toughen up.

        I do a pounded, stuffed and rolled roast when breast roasts are on sale. You can vary the stuffing from traditional to clean-the-fridge and have something good every time. Leftovers freeze beautifully for quick meals.

        The last time, I used a combo of dried cherries plumped with red wine and a touch of balsamic, roasted red bell pepper strips, and some garlic-infused goat cheese.

        Since you have a boneless breast (assuming two halves?) you can do two roasts. Each one would serve about 4-5 people with sides and dessert.

        To prepare the roast, place one of the halves on a large plastic cutting board and cover generously with saran. Then pound with the flat side of heavy meat pounder (you could use a can of beans on its side or an empty wine bottle) and work over the breast in the thickest part. This tenderizes the meat too. Try to get it thin so rolling is easier. You can trim off any ragged bits to make it more tidy.

        Lay a line of your stuffing (not too much) lengthwise down the meat, and roll from one of the long sides. Tie the roast in several places to keep it tidy during cooking.

        You can make a quick glaze using some jam and pommegranate molasses. Baste it every 5 minutes for the last 20 min of baking.

        If you want to stay clear of "harvest" flavors, try a jerked fruit stuffing or basil/prosciutto/garlic goat cheese stuffing. Or try an Indian spice mix like Tikka mixed with rice and squash as a stuffing and Tikka/yogurt marinade on the outside. Or stuff with pork sausage and tropical fruits and cover roast with bacon slices.

        Roast at 325 till internal temp is 160 and let rest for about 10 minutes. Clip strings and remove and slice in diagonal 1/2" cuts. Lovely looking when fanned out on a platter.

        If a rolled roast doesn't appeal:

        Kabobs with different marinades/bastes
        Grill whole on aBBQ and use meat for tacos, enchiladas, tamales, or sauce with gravy and serve over rice, baked potatoes or waffles
        Mince the raw meat with herbs and fine breadcrumbs and make turkey sausage patties to freeze or use.

        1. slow roast at a low temperature of 225-250* on a wire rack for moist white meat you can slice very thinly very easily when cooled.

          Turkey Club or Turkey BLT with soup of your choice