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Dec 3, 2009 04:55 AM

Yalda Grill in Horsham

I was invited to this restaurant and searched here before going. There were a lot of casual mentions and comments but I think it deserves a thread of its own.

The owners are Afghani and the menu is dominated by their native cuisine although there is standard american - italian food for a non-adventurous guest. We were a party of eight and having some obvious trouble deciding what to order so they offered us a prixe fix option and it was great. They just started bringing platters for the table...for starters they brought baba ganoush, then mantu, Baunjaun Bouranee, one of the sambosay's. then some salads

Entrees were mixed kabab (grilled items, they take the skewers off before serving, Qaubili Palau, and a couple more... I'm trying to reconstruct the list but some items that were on the menu there , aren't on the menu that's currently on their web site.

There was a dessert sampler that was amazing too. Rice pudding, a custard, cheesecake, brownies.

Everything was wonderful and it was a delight to try an unfamiliar cuisine.

Service was very friendly.

It's BYO - bring a robust red.

One previous comment called it unassuming, its in a little strip mall just off Route 611. Someone else called it a hole in the wall but it's not.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking to try something new.

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  1. We've been there several times an really like it. Maybe we'll go again this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.

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      There is a great thread here on Yalda:

      Just so people are clear on why there is pizza/steaks etc. Yalda's location used to be Tonnellis, which moved up the street to a vacated Donato's location. And so they kept the ovens etc. But even their pizza menu has a couple of interesting offerings, such as their eggplant pizza with eggplant and yogurt sauce, or their Chaplee Kabob burger.

      This is a wonderful family run, BYO restaurant that deserves the neighborhood's support.

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        + 1
        Agree with all of the above. I just wish we lived closer.

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          We tried Yalda a couple of weeks ago, and it was really good. Our server was the daughter of the owners, and she said they had both Italian and Afgani food because one parent was Italian and the other was Afgani.

      2. Yalda seems to have closed! Does anyone know anything about what happened? I'm hoping this is all just a terrible dream...

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          oliviasaru, geez I hope it has not closed, it is a gem! Their website is still up. Just called at 12:45 PM, no answer, no voice mail. This does not look good. Anyone have any info??

          1. re: sokojojn

            On their facebook page their last posting was on 6/17 saying stay tuned... it says stay tuned, and someone posted there was a sign saying kitchen equipment was for lease. Does not bode well.

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              Someone said on Yelp that they had shown up for Father's Day and found the door locked and windows papered over. Yikes.

              1. re: oliviasaru

                Never did get was on my list.... Another good kabob place is kabob cafe in gateway shopping center....maybe you can get your fill there or oasis in lansdale!