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Dec 3, 2009 02:07 AM

Tsukiji Market Closed to Visitors

Is it true that the Tsukiji market will be closed to visitors from next week until some time in late January?

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  1. Not the entire market but the tuna auction area will be closed to visitors from 12/10/09 to 01/23/10.

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      1. re: OGguy

        If you're planning a visit to the market, you can check the calendar at the market's homepage ahead of time to see if it will be closed


        And here is the calendar for 2010:

    1. It was also closed last year at the same period, but a friend of mine went and took plenty of pictures right before New Year. She is a very tall british girl and would stand out anywhere in Japan, but if you are discrete, I don't think they will kick you out.

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        I'm not sure what you mean by you "don't think they will kick you out" since they've already kicked out visitors by banning them. If you completely ignore their wishes, will they physically confront you or arrest you? Probably not - they haven't gotten to the stage of armed guards or police intervention yet, so by all means please encourage people to ignore the ban.

        1. re: Robb S

          So that means technically speaking Tsukiji is open to visitors again right? I would really prefer to be able to get right up to the tuna instead of standing in the visitor area. A few quick questions:

          1) What time is the 'best' time to get there?

          2) Is there a good map of the market online? I found this one ( which gives me a clear listing of where each restaurant is but I have no idea how to get from the auction area to the restaurant area without asking.

          3) I see on a lot of travel channel shows that people eat right at the fish stall. Are normal people actually allowed to do that?

          1. re: big_apple_ken

            I believe that during the tuna auction, visitors are confined to the visitor area, hence the name. I've read that the tuna auction visitor area is open from 5-6:15am.

            You can still wander around other parts of the inner market all morning. And also the very interesting and picturesque outer market, where visitors are actually welcome rather than sporadically tolerated.