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BIG MISTAKE...I didn't have the butcher cut my 3 lb. pork loin chops. Now I don't know what to do. How am I going to roast it and then cut it with the backbone and t bone all attached. HELP

I purchase this 3 lb pork loin, it has the t bone in the middle and the back bones attached,
I thought of roasting it, but how am I going to cut it, since it has the backbone.
How do I cook it and how to serve it......I am lose on both levels, cooking, slicing. serving

Please help fellow chowhounds.........don't know what possessed me to not have him
cut into pork chops. It looked lovely the way it was, with both the loin and tenderloin, but
didn't think of the backbone and how I would slice it up,,,,,,,

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  1. Could you bring them back and ask him to finish the job?

    I didn't find much information about whole rack of pork chops. Here's one recipe that turned up: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=204&...

    1. heylids, does it still have the chine bone attached?

      1. I don't think this will be a problem. Can't you just cut it lengthwise along the bone and then cut it crosswise to separate off slices of meat? It should be just like a beef rib roast.

        1. Cut off the meat you need and save the bones for soup!

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              grrrreat video-- thanks for posting it!

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                Yes... That video was great. Thanks!

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                  I would imagine most people do not have a band saw as in the video, but you can do everything you have seen in the video with a boning knife and a heavy cleaver.

                  If you are not able to separate the chine bone, consider pre-slicing along the bones to separate and tie the roast back up. When the roast is finished, you can cut the strings and finish removing the loin off of the rack.....now you can cut up and pull apart the ribs after they are cooked more easily.....poor mans back ribs.

                  btw....tj and sthej.....you may want to save the video as a file.....with the demise of Gourmet, who knows how long the video or website will still be active and available to view.

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                    Thank you for that video, fourunder! Wasn't he wonderful? I saved it for future reference...

                  2. Thank yoiu everyone, I decided out of desperation that I would take a clever and a hammer to the chine bone, it took a while but I sliced it in four parts and left the balance
                    roast intact. I will tie the chime together and roast it as a whole piece.

                    Know the question is....do I roast it normally or braise it???and what spices. Does rosemary go with pork??? Oh heavens, right now I am brining the roast for an hour or so.
                    any suggestions.....

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                      Rosemary works well with pork. Sage is also wonderful.

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                        I'm a big roasting fan... especially with all the bones for flavor.

                        Rosemary, garlic and mustard maybe, with a good olive oil, s/p and some white wine?

                        Agree that sage is a good option as well but I don't really have a good recipe for this.

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                          thanks StheJ, by mustard to you mean dijon? and how long do you think I should
                          brine a 4 lb roast...if more then an hour, maybe brine then dry cover with mustard and spices, wrap with platic wrap and refrig. for tomorrows dinner....figure out something else for dinner.....mmmm have chicken legs that I purchased last night with the pork...

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                            Dijon or some other similarly tasty mustard... I usually brine pork for 24 hours depending on the saltyness of the brine. I like aw's at http://www.globalgourmet.com/food/spe... but I usually leave out the allspice and juniper.

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                          Julia Child published a recipe for a wet rub on a boned and tied loin roast; it's wonderful!

                          Mix 2 parts fresh chopped rosemary leaves (grocery produce dept) with 2 parts fresh smashed garlic, 2 parts olive oil, 1 part salt and 1/2 part ground allspice.

                          Amazing on pork, aslo good on lamb, chicken and beef.

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                            they both sound like wonderful recipes, I still have it brining, I.m hoping it's not too salty at the end. Have you ever had allspice on pork???? I wonder instead if you use
                            5 spice??????

                            thank you everyone for your suggestions