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Dec 2, 2009 09:31 PM

Tailgate Breakfast recipe? 'Appetizer'?

A good friend is freaking out, as she needs:

"an appetizer suggestion that I am supposed to provide on Saturday. The twist is it's for a tailgating party and it's a morning tailgate! They are serving a three-foot breakfast burrito as the main course and I think there will be bloody marys."

Any ideas??

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  1. fruit kebabs
    yogurt cups
    breakfast sausage pigs in a blanket (wrapped in crescent rolls)
    french toast fingers and maple syrup dipping sauce
    hash brown patties
    chunky fruit with sweet cream dip

    1. one last suggestion: your friend could buy loose breakfast sausage in a tube (e.g., Jimmy Dean) and make breakfast meatballs (adding breadcrumbs, or not). Sauce could be a maple-heavy light bbq.

      Sounds pretty good...I'm hungry.

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      1. re: ChristinaMason

        I think sausage balls would be perfect.....the are good hot or room temp and evrryone always devours them.

      2. JImmy Dean breakfast casserole. If you want to be high brow, call it a strata because that's what it is:

        Bake them in little mini-muffin tins (or even muffin tins).

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        1. re: chowser

          the strata is easy and it tastes good even at room temp. i'd add some minced jalapeƱo and have frank's hot sauce on the side. but i don't think that strata would work in the mini muffin tins -- even the muffin tins might be a little skimpy, unless they're large.

          the strata might mimic the 3 foot burrito in terms of egginess. what'll be in the burrito?

          fruit kabobs are always welcome, esp. if you make a vanilla-scented yogurt dipping sauce.

          i like the idea of parfaits made with yogurt, fruit and granola. pretty, and easy to set up and transport (use the clear plastic "glasses", and cover with saran wrap; place in a box with styro peanuts to keep them upright).

          i just remembered: what about pimento cheese? yeah!

          ooh, look, a pimento-cheese potato gratin from the lee brothers:

          deviled eggs with little chunks of smoked trout or curls of smoked salmon on top, with minced red onions and capers sprinkled over them. line the platter with mesclun or baby spinach, or chopped (cleaned) kale or collards -- to keep the eggs stable. it makes a pretty presentation, and every single egg will be gobbled up before anything else is gone -- i gah-ron-tee.

          1. re: alkapal

            Love the call for jalapeno, especially with the burrito. Stratas work fine in muffin tins as long as you're careful about not overbaking. I was thinking as an "appetizer" goes. Burrito, egginess? I've never had eggs in burritos.

            Bacon deviled eggs with cheese are good.

            1. re: chowser

              i was thinking of a "breakfast burrito." although if i had the option at breakfast, i'd rather have carnitas wrapped in a soft flour tortilla ;-). bring it on!!!

              1. re: alkapal

                Sounds good. Oh, a posole in the cold weather would be perfect.

                1. re: chowser

                  how about a thick posole stew with green chiles and pork, and then a fried egg on top?

                  this might be a start for a recipe:
                  (i'll wait for the "authentic scouts" to address its merits).

                  1. re: alkapal

                    Freak out the purists by serving it over biscuits as a "biscuit and gravy" and you've got me! I'd do a poached egg on top and let the yolk ooze into the posole.

        2. I'm just wondering how you do a three-foot burrito!

          1. Sausage balls!!! (Bascially breakfast sausage meat, shredded cheese, flour, etc, rolled into meatballs and baked.) They're as good at room temp as they are hot!