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Dec 2, 2009 08:31 PM

KaMu - has anyone tried it?

has anyone been to KaMu in Omotesando?

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  1. Wine writer, Ned Goodwin, wrote up a nice review for Metropolis.

    1. I had a very nice dinner there actually. I'm a pushover for well-crafted French-Middle Eastern food, and I wasn't disappointed.

      I've heard that the original chef has already left, but I think I was there after the changeover. The dining room looks like an odd cross between Dazzle, a Roppongi nightclub and a bordello. It was pretty empty on the Friday night I went, never a good sign.

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        Thank you both for your response.

        I am taking a large group of people there, and because it is relatively new, I was a little worried... The value for money looks very good, and the menu looks fantastic. I am intrigued by your description of the interior!

        1. re: Robb S

          Here's a photo. There are a lot of chandeliers....

          1. re: Robb S

            I think they could have gotten away with the chandeliers if there was a little less bordello colour. The excessive orange-red may have been misguided in retrospect.

            1. re: Asomaniac

              This subject, home Mediterranean food, is an Ubik call for me. Can a cuisine be awaken ? What would it take ?
              (Ubik : the character is leaving in a world where even his door is asking for money, tring to animate the semi-life of his wife, …) A book to read.

              1. re: Ninisix

                Excellent stuff - I will bear it in mind when we eat at KaMu!

          2. re: Robb S

            Thanks Robb S,

            As the original chef, I tried very hard to hire the right guy and compose the current menu with him before I left. The current chef is Benjamin and he is towing the line of our concept with all his might!
            My goal with this concept was simple, quality ingredients, value orientated menu and wine list, easy to share with friends and not feel any pressure. The reason for the cuisines style is also simple, I was inspired by a bottle of Cotes de Roussilion Villages fro H&B, and wanted food around me that I could drink this wine with....selfish I know. The cuisine itself (not mine per se) is a sexy blend of two different continents with so much history and sometime tension....just really fun to work in that medium and learn something new myself.

            The dining room, well that was me again...The chandeliers where there when my consulting company took over...I had to do something with them! (I actually tried to get rid of them) so I added the orange bulbs to look like a sunset...and when the lights are at the right level it doesnt look quite so "dazzle" like. I just didnt want the same old feel of the previous restaurant or the same old white lights...ya do what ya gotta do sometimes.
            The photos on the wall are from a friend in Kuwait and the music was mixed to be part of the experience (I hope they didnt switch to J-Pop after I left!)

            I do hope that everyone enjoys themselves at KaMu, we enjoyed very much our time there!
            And they (though slow some nights) look to be turning a corner in December.

            Thank you for the support
            Kevin Connell

            1. re: 5chevin5

              I went there yesterday with 20 people. A friend from the wine industry, in cooperation with the people at KaMu, put together some wines and presented them to us. We had a 4 course meal to go with the wines.

              Overall it was a very enjoyable experience - we found the people working there to be very friendly, and there was one stand-out dish: lamb prepared to perfection. It is worth going to the restaurant just for the lamb, and I will be back.

              It was not all great; for example, the salmon was fairly dry and not prepared to anything like the standard of the lamb. But the atmosphere was very good (except the loud music we had to ask to be turned down), I liked the decor and everyone really enjoyed the pairing of the lamb with two Rhone blend wines (neither of which, funnily enough, was from the Rhone; one was from Roussillon and one from Washington State, both excellent).

              1. re: Asomaniac

                Glad to hear the experience was overall good, I'm not familiar with the salmon dish, so I cant comment, but the lamb has been one of the crowd favorites since I was at the stoves.
                Were the wines from McCrea? sounds like their blend....which would be awesome with the lamb, I just had a bottle of K Vintners Boom Boom which would also go nicely with that kick of spice. I'm a big fan of Washington and Oregon wine (being formerly from Portland and Seattle) and the wines from Roussillon and Rhone are what I think the best wines to go with foods (and value!)

                The music has always been an issue, its on a hair trigger and the system was installed without much thought to sound patterns or zones.

                I'm glad to hear you will return for another try....
                Cheers and happy holidays!

                1. re: 5chevin5

                  The wine was indeed from McCrea. (The other red was from Languedoc, but mainly using Rhone varietals - Syrah, Grenache - and Carignan.) I also really love Washtington and Oregon wines; the Cab sauvs and Syrahs from Washington are fantastic, and unlike their overblocwn, overalcoholic, overoaked cousins from Napa actually have an acidic backbone that makes them great food wines while retaining the great new world fruit. In Oregon I love the Pinot Noirs and went to Orergon this year to visit some vineries. BTW, one of the whites we had was a Sokol Blosser Pinot Pris. Also not bad at all.

          3. Went to KaMu with three others last night. Not a bad meal, but nothing I would go back to with all the choices in Tokyo. I had the grilled sardines entree and then cassoulet for the main. Both were unremarkable, little flavor, especially surprised by how little flavor in the cassoulet which is a dish that is not too tough and I normally enjoy. Friends had the lamb and salmon for the main. No one was raving, but also no big complaints.

            The staff was pleasant, and the Rhone wines on the list were a nice surprise. Also, there were almost no Japanese in the restaurant, either patrons or staff.