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Dec 2, 2009 08:15 PM

Fork Bistro - Montrose

Michael Ruiz (of Bistro Verdu and Ingredients) just opened a new "working class bistro" in Montrose: Fork. I had the pleasure of dining there last night, and again for lunch today (my SO is officially addicted to the fries). I was at a table of 7, so was able to sample a few different things. We started out with a charcuterie plate, duck confit salad, and grilled gulf shrimp. The duck confit salad is a favorite of mine that Ingredients regulars will recognize. The grilled gulf shrimp was accompanied by spicy pickled peppers. We also got an order of brussel sprouts, which were exceptional - perfectly cooked with brown butter and bacon. This was one of my favorites from the night.

Three of us ordered the braised pork shoulder with polenta, bacon, green chilies, and applewood smoke. The crunch of the bacon, combined with the tender pork shoulder and the texture of the buttery polenta complemented each other perfectly. Others at the table got steak and fries, roast chicken with crushed potatoes, and local white seabass with beurre blanc, all excellent. We also ordered a side of fries - these thick, crispy fries are topped with Hawaiian Alae salt and disappeared from the table within an instant.

We bypassed dessert in favor of a cheese plate and a bottle of Tintero Moscato d'Asti, which paired well with the cheeses. With wine, shared appetizers, a cheese plate, and entrees, we spent 50 pp, including tax and tip.

Corkage is $10, and is waived if you buy a bottle from their list. The wine list is put together by the nearby Rosso Wine Shop, and includes a number of Californian and old world wines that are great accompaniments to the menu.

We went back again to try the lunch menu. I had the fork burger, and my boyfriend the grilled vegetable sandwich and fries. The burger was juicy, with a crispy slice of bacon and a slight sweetness from the tomato jam. They also offer weekend brunch.

I'm thrilled this place is opened, and plan on making it a regular dining destination. Once again, Ruiz is offering fantastic quality and unbeatable taste.

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  1. Wow, looks as if you had the same great experience that I did! Our group of 7 was there on Tuesday night too : )
    We took over the bar and 2 had to trickle over to a table since some lame-a**ed dude wouldnt move over to make room...whatever.
    Anyway, I LOVED the brussels sprouts, the steak,a nd everything else.
    2 of us went back yesterday for lunch. I had the BLT and I was soooo happy! My partner in crime had the chicken sandwhich and he loved it too. I know I will be visiting often! : )

    1. Based on this post, we ventured over to Fork last night. It's a nice place. The space has a nice feel to it. the exposed brick wall and overall ambiance remind me of something you might find in D.C. or Philadelphia.

      We ordered the cheese plate and seared local albacore for starters. The former included generous servings of four cheeses (some places really seem to skimp on the servings these days, and you can be lucky if there's enough for two people to have more than a single taste of each): gorgonzola (I think...), pecorino, brie and a a hard, spanish cheese (not Manchego; I missed the name). Served with a generous portion of almonds and a sweet paste. It could have been quince, but was not as red as I'm used to seeing it. More of a yellowish-orange.

      For mains, we chose that wonderful braised pork shoulder and the short ribs with root vegetables & noodles. Both were homey, comforting plates that seemed perfect on a chilly night.

      We enjoyed a nice bottle of Spanish red - I think it was a Garnacha.

      Feeling full, we passed on dessert (choice of mocha pot de creme, creme brulee or a chocolate cake of some sort). Pot de creme looked nice; I didn't see the cake.

      Total bill for 2 (app., cheese, 2 mains, 1 bottle of wine) with tax & tip was $101. We'll definitely return. The menu isn't very long, but everything sounded fresh and appealing. All mains were under $20, which is pretty amazing considering the quality.

      1. Unfortunately, Fork has had to close its doors. I'm sure I speak for all its customers when I say that I hope to see Ruiz in the kitchen again soon.

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        1. re: patz

          Seriously? So soon? What happened? I was looking forward to our next visit.

          1. re: Jack Flash

            There were problems with the space. It's a great loss to the area.

          2. re: patz

            We were just there on Friday night (12/11) for dinner. Very strange. We really liked the food - however, it was freezing in the restaurant and they only had 2 staff doing everything (waiting, cleaning, serving, etc.). Too bad.

          3. Can anybody recommend an alternative to Fork? I've been tasked with finding a place to eat for Mom and Dad in or near Montrose tonight. Nothing too exotic -- Italian, French, California, Japanese, are all fine; anything involving funny parts of animals or heavy spices is out.

            This request is so far outside of my experience (both geographically and cuisine-wise); I jumped when I saw Fork, so anything similar would be great.

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              never went to Fork but in Montrose i really like 3 drunken goats. it's spanish tapas. portions are decent for tapas. nice wine selection as well.