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Dec 2, 2009 06:12 PM

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Finale Part 1 - 12/02/09 (Spoilers)

So - break time is over - they're off to Napa Valley! Kevin's got a Facebook page dedicated to people supporting his beard? LOL And Padma's pregnancy is acknowledged (her baby bump is definitely there!). And love her longer, straight hair!

Michael Chiarello is the guest judge. Last QF is? Creating a dish using Napa Valley's signature crop - the grape. And they're cooking on the wine train...(and great - Kevin gets motion sickness very easily - THAT doesn't work well with cooking! LOL) Last high stakes QF - the winner gets a new Prius. Thirty minutes for the Quickfire.

Oh my - Kevin's dessert dish looked wonderful! Chiarello was very appreciative of Jen's dish...and the winner is? Mike V. is the winner! He gets the car. Now what's the general rule - s/he who wins the car gets voted off in the Final Elimination? ;-) (will have to check Wikipedia on that one!)

And I think we already know they're doing another catering job for the Final Elimination. Two dishes for 150 people - one must be vegetarian; one must use a local protein. Shopping at a local farmer's market. Will be interesting to see who pulls it off.

ETA: Ahhh, had forgotten - TC5 had a car going to the Elimination Challenge winner, NOT the Quickfire winner. Carla won that season. (and she didn't win)

TC4 - Richard won the EC Challenge winner car. (and he didn't win)

TC3, TC2, and TC1 - no car was won.

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  1. I think its lame to have a catering competion this late in the game.

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    1. re: chris2269

      They've been doing catering for the EC since TC3.

      1. re: LindaWhit

        Point taken . still don't have to like it. At this point in the competition I want the person going home to be the less talented chef, catering comps. have more to do about trying to do a huge job under unrealistic time constraints. That being said all did well and I think it won't be a BS factor about who is eliminated.

      2. re: chris2269

        I now this is off-topic, but I was surprised to see them drinking wine from plastic cups. Also, they ate off plastic with plastic forks. Does that strike anyone as odd for a nice catered affair?

        1. re: MartinDC

          and not environmentally friendly (unless they recycled?), considering the sustainability theme of this episode.

      3. I am totally scared that Jen is getting so much camera time because she is going home...she is my fave and I want her to make it into the finals...

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        1. re: karenfinan

          I think that she's in... Her and Kevin. One of the brothers will be out.

          1. re: karenfinan

            Sounds like the judges liked both Kevin and Jen's dishes the most. At least I hope so!

            And can I just smack Michael V. now for saying "I think some people played it safer"? Yeah, I wonder who you meant by THAT! I do hope Kevin wins to prove to Michael that simple can be better.

            Hmmmm...the brief showing of the Stew Room sounds like the judges are ripping into all of them!

          2. Kevin's looked beautiful, hate to hear the meat was "ropy".

            And what is up with Padma? Looks a tad dark for a day at the vinyard, reminds me of Abby from NCIS . . . lol.

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            1. re: elfcook

              It's braised short ribs... I mean it's supposed to be ropy!

              1. re: StheJ

                hey, I'd love to try it. It really appealed to me, and I am not usually one to go for ribs at all. Most of his food appeals to me, even the vegetarian stuff does not seem to just be sides or missing a component, as some veggie things do.
                Can you guess who I am pulling for?

                1. re: elfcook

                  I'm the same way, elfcook - Kevin's food has almost always been the one I'd choose if they were all put in front of me.

                  And he got very good reviews - and I *loved* hearing Tom Colicchio say that perhaps Kevin's competitors think his dishes are too simple, but sometimes simplicity is better. Very sly, Tom. You knew it was a not-so-subtle dig at Michael...interesting quick shot of Michael when Tom was saying that. :-)

                  1. re: momjamin

                    oops, you are right. one of the V boys did ribs (Bryan? still can't tell them apart)

                    1. re: elfcook

                      Well, maybe one of them will go home and it won't be a problem next week ;-)

                  2. re: elfcook

                    Abby from NCIS can pull it off though....I thought Padma looked ridiculous!

                  3. I think chef Chiarello likes Jen! He's answering the questions for her! Kind of cute, kind of creepy, I can't decide.

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                    1. re: mjhals

                      yes, the whole thing about how he has problems with the flake salt too! seemed like he was sticking up for her.

                    2. Opinions on Tom's soul patch? Yes or no?

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                      1. re: StheJ

                        I'm not seeing a "Fans of Tom Colicchio's Soul Patch" on FB ;-)

                        1. re: momjamin

                          LOL! But hasn't Tom had the soul patch for awhile? Maybe it's just a bit more pronounced.

                          1. re: StheJ

                            Sorry - what is Tom's "soul patch"???!

                            1. re: NellyNel

                              The little smidge of chinny-chin-chin hair. :-)

                              1. re: LindaWhit


                                I thought Tom was looking mighty good in this episode! mmm