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Mar 1, 2005 02:43 AM

Looking for Liver

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My lady friend loves the liver and onions at the Daily Grill. I love the turkey meatloaf. This evening, we went to enjoy them and found that both have been dropped from the Daily Grill menu.

I can live without my turkey meatloaf but my lady love craves liver and onions. Where in L.A. can I get this for her? We'd prefer something around the Fairfax or eastern Beverly Hills area.

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    Geographically this isn't near where you requested, but my husband loves the liver at

    Le Petite Cafe
    2842 Colorado Avenue
    Santa Monica
    Phone:(310) 829-6792


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      The liver and onions at Norm's on Pico near Veteran always pleases my partner. Also saw it on the menu at Chez Mimi which is on 26th street near San Vicente - a big out of your way but when liver calls, its there.

    2. Haven't had it there, but Mimi's Cafes serves liver.

      1. As far as I know, the Grill in Beverly Hills (original, more upscale version of Daily Grill) still serves an excellent liver, with bacon and onions on top. 9560 Dayton Way.

        But the best liver I've had in LA is at Angelini Osteria, which has a wonderful fegato special every Thursday. 7313 Beverly Boulevard.

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        1. re: JennyB
          rabo encendido

          Good call on ANGELINI. Their liver is an exemplary specimen, as is the crispy, creamy polenta served alongside.

          Osteria Angelini
          (323) 297-0070
          7313 Beverly Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90036

        2. Once had an excellent liver & onions at James' Beach Cafe, in Venice. I know it's not within your geographic parameters, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the fare at this estabishment - meat & potatoes near the beach. I believe that they cook their french fries the right way - in beef fat.

          Not cheap, but good for that special occasion (although it's not a romantic place; too lively for that). Dinner for two, including cocktails & dessert, will probably run $40 - $50 person.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            La Frite in the Valley, not the Woodland Hills one but the one closer served me a really damned nice plate of Liver and Onions.

            The waitress kinda cringed when I ordered it rare, but I assured her that's how I wanted it.

            Long live a nice seared piece of liver with onions and bacon!

          2. Had liver with carmelized onions topped with pepper bacon last night at Engine Co. 28 downtown LA. At $18.25, was not my all-time favorite version, yet a very good one, and when you tell them to cook it rare, they do, which is a good thing in these days when many do not want to cook any inexpensive cut of meat below medium, for fear of a lawsuit. Came with spinach and mashed potatoes and thus I had no need for any other food as that was plenty.
            Also had it several times at the Flying Leap Cafe in Silver Lake, where I believe it is $14.95, and is probably a better version.