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Dec 2, 2009 06:08 PM

Pizza Delivery in OC?

Tonight I didn't feel like leaving the house to pick up dinner, and the wife wanted pizza. I didn't want to go the chain route, so I started looking through mail ads and online for a place to get decent delivery in north HB. Frankly, I didn't find anything appealing, and the wife is hungry so I'll have to bite the bullet and order Papa John's (I cannot stand their crust, but the wife likes it).
This inspired me to start a thread to have people list their recs for delivery pizza throughout the county, so that others don't have to go through the chow-horrors I was forced to. Please do not turn this into a "best pizza" thread and list non-delivery places, or reply with the often-heard "all pizza is terrible in OC". Sometimes we all have one of those days where we just need food brought to our door, and we don't want to drive over to the better pizza places which don't deliver to us (Slice of New York Pizza in Seal Beach)
So, what are the options in your OC neighborhood for decent/good/great pizza delivery, and what type of pizza do they make (thin crust, deep dish, etc.)?

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  1. Have you tried Kings Pizza in HB at Edinger/Springdale near Vons? They run weekly Pennysaver ads for an extra large 16" pizza with up to two toppings for only $11 and delivery is free (but they close early at about (9:00pm). Their pizzas blow away any of the chains because of their superior crust and toppings and their very tasty sauce. I order my pizzas with a thinner crust because I prefer it that way. Please give Kings a try and let me know what you think.

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      I actually looked at that ad from Kings' Pizza, but saw mixed reviews online so I passed. I'll give it a try next time.

    2. Pizza D'Oro. (Do they deliver? I'm fairly sure but not 100% sure that they do.)

      We get our delivery, in Anaheim, from Pizza Boy or Pepz.

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        Sadly Pizza D'Oro doesn't deliver. If they did I'd be ordering from them a least once a week. Their pizza is good and there pastas always remind me of dinner at Grandma's house. Nothing fancy, amazing or special, just good comfort food.
        We're in Costa Mesa and most of the time we used to order OC Pizza. Sadly they went out of business. Now we mostly order Round Table.

      2. Funny you should ask - I never read the Pennysaver but just flipped through it this week out of curiosity and spotted a full page ad (brown and green) for the pizza place we've been using for 9 years now: Valuetinas Pizza. They do deliver ($1.00 charge, $7 minimum order, and will deliver late: 10 a - 11 p Sun-Th; 10 a - midnight F/S) and they do deliver to HB. It is a family-owned chain (19 years).

        They currently have some coupon specials in the PS: 3 large pepperoni pizzas for $21 (tax incl, add'l toppings $1 each), or a large super deluxe (8 toppings) $9.43 + tax, etc. (see the PS). We always order the antipasto salad which serves 3 adults. Their crust tends to be what I'd call thicker (which we like) but not "deep dish." The location nearest you seems to be the one at 6476 Westminister at Westminster & Edwards. 714-379-2500. There's also another location on Lampson (at Valley View), closer to us, where we get ours from.

        We've tried several others since moving to this area but liked theirs the best. We grew up near Petrillo's Pizza in San Gabriel, so any comparison usually falls short of Petrillo's, but we're happy with Valuetina's. Try them and let us know if you like theirs or King's better.

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          There is a Valuetinas Pizza in HB on Bolsa Chica Ave just north of Heil Ave and south of Edinger.

        2. FIRST CLASS pizza in Villa Park (also in Orange, Tustin, etc).
          Unbelievably good for a delivery place; and better than most here that do not deliver.
          A tad high in price compared to chain delivery, but OH SO worth every extra penny.
          Great cheese, and lots of it. Their Italian sausage has a great flavor. The combination Pizza has fresh crunchy veggies , and they have some truly interesting specialty pizzas for the adventurous.
          They have other locations (often teamed up with Bagel Me), but have not patronized them. While Villa Park has limited items (but a slightly better pizza), the Orange Bagel Me location also delivers an interesting menu that includes "smoothies" and a nice "Philly Tri-Tip".
          Not sure if I think it is so good, because I wasn't expecting anything decent, or because it really is good. I continue to order from them, so assume it is the latter!
          I cannot recommend the bagels, as I was not a fan of the one I had (but I am very picky about Bagels).

          View their menu and locations:

          1. In north OC there's Pia Zia's Pizzeria in La Habra. They'll even deliver to me up in the wilds of La Habra Heights with darkness looming! The pizza while not the best delivery pizza is decent.

            Zia Pia's Pizzeria
            1111 W Whittier Blvd, La Habra, CA 90631