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Dec 2, 2009 06:02 PM

Thai Boat: now in SLO?

I went by Thai Boat which used to be on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. It had been closed for some months because the building was supposed to be retrofitted. A sign indicated it was opening soon in SLO.

Anyone found it? Been? Would love to hear!


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  1. They have relocated to a storefront in the Center at Orcutt Road and Broad Street in SLO.
    Seats about 20 and service both visits has been slow as they seem to do a big Take Out business.
    Very tasty food and the Curried Prawns are excellent. Heard that the Ginger sauteed os fine.
    Closed Sundays.

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      Thanks, Bruce.

      The center across Orcutt from the Chevron, or the old Crossroads (Nucci's) Center?

      I imagine the transition in size may have been difficult. They may not have aniticpated the take-out business. I hope they adjust and are successful. Always enjoyed lunch at he Morro Bay location and the owners and staff couldn't have been nicer.

    2. The original Embarcadero location was taken over by new owners and they opened a Thai restaurant called Thai Bounty. I went there when it had been open for about a week and the food wasn't bad, but it wasn't up to par with Thai Boat and a lot of it had been sitting on steam-trays. We tried a beef basil curry dish that would have been spectacular had it been fresh.

      That was a long time ago, though... have you had a chance to try it, TJ?

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      1. re: geekyfoodie

        no, I have had bad experiences with other food businesses who try to piggyback onto the previous tennants' reputation. Usually poor imitations.

        Will try Thai Boat in SLO at Orcutt and Broad as soon as I get over this cold...*schnork!*

        1. re: toodie jane

          wellllll, found out they're closed on Sunday!

          1. re: toodie jane

            I noted that on 12/3. We found the same, but went back later.

        2. re: geekyfoodie

          Hm. They may have still been finishing the remodel and weren't quite up to par yet. But I and several friends have ordered food at Thai Bounty within the last week and the greens and veggies were absolutely fresh...perhaps they just had to get their routine "nailed down" after the huge remodel and opening.

          1. re: slogoodlife

            Sorry, slogoodlife, but I'm going to have to disagree. We revisited Thai Bounty on Dec. 29 and it wasn't very good. I ordered the yellow curry with chicken and the chicken was really dried out with flavorless sauce. Mr. Geeky's pad see ew was also flavorless and was overcooked, so the noodles were a soggy mess. At $9 for the small-ish portions we received, I'd expect better execution... or, at the very least, proper seasoning. Thai Boat was definitely not the best in terms of cleanliness or service (that place ran really slow sometimes), but execution was spot-on.

        3. Thai Boat moved and the new restaurant is Thai Bounty. The owner/chef is Doi, sister of Noi Miner who operates Noi's Little Thai restaurant in Los Osos. Doi used to be Noi's main cook. Doi is a FABULOUS cook and a sweet, wonderful person, as is her partner (husband?) who helps run the Thai Bounty. They use locally grown, sustainable produce and I personally think their Thai food is the very best in the county, even better than Noi's. Take one bite of their pad thai and see if you don't agree. Also, the kitchen and restaurant are absolutely immaculate, unlike the previous Thai Boat. They also serve locally caught fresh fish. This place is WONDERFUL.

          1. Went on a quiet Wed. night and had a delicious meal. Lots of take out business going on.
            Quality seemed as good as the Morro Bay location. They do what they can with the stripmall location as far as ambiance.

            Getting in and out of their East Crossroads location requires planning. Access is only from northbound Broad St OR eastbound Orcutt. Both streets are very busy and have center dividers, so you can only continue going the same direction you were going when you pulled in. Thank you SLO city traffic planners. Score another SNAFU. But determined fans of Thai Boat will plan their trip in order to enjoy.

            There are several Thai restaurants in the central SLO area now, hopefully they all have their fans and will prosper.