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Dec 2, 2009 06:01 PM

Esashi question

Anybody know where the sushi chef (owner) of Esashi went after they closed? My son ran into his wife and she said they had a place in Brooklyn but my son can't remember what the name was... Any leads?

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  1. No idea--please let us know if you find out! There are only 3 good Japanese places in Brooklyn--Taku, Gen & Hibino, and he isn't at any of those.

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    1. re: culprit

      I remember a Taku on Smith Street that closed back in 2006 - replaced by Lunetta. I can't imagine that's what you're referring to though...where is the Taku you're referencing?

      1. re: culprit

        Hibino is very good but not sure how you can leave Taro off that list.

        1. re: jdf

          Agreed. I've got a feeling that 'culprit' hasn't visited Brooklyn or these spots in quite some time. Taku's been gone for over 3 years now and Taro just turned 5, so there's a good chance they don't even know about it. Actually I think Zen Kichi is doing a good job for Japanese food these days.

      2. Greetings! I am also in search of Ishi (he was the owner and chef of Esashi). If you find him or his new place (if he has a restaurant).....please let me know! Very eager to find him....he was a long time sushi chef friend of my family's. We used to go to all of his places and then finally he opened his own (Esashi) I've recently moved back to NYC and I'm sad to see he's not there. He's the ABSOLUTE best most talented chef! Thank you, Pam

        1. I just saw an article about Minako (the wife of the Esashi chef) with her email on it!

          I miss Esashi so much ....

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            Me too I miss Esashi, wahhh!! They were so nice, so low-key, the food was great and fresh and inexpensive and it was such a perfect neighborhood-y place.

            Where do you all go now instead?

            1. re: visciole

              Sadly I haven't found a replacement for Esashi..... We occasionally treat ourselves to Yasuda (very expensive for our budget but extremely good) but we haven't found a place like Esashi yet where you can casually go in, eat quality sushi, chat with the staff and not pay an arm and a leg. Sapporo East on 1st Ave/10th is a place we go to satisfy our sushi cravings when we are on a tight budget.

              1. re: atnyc

                Yeah, I didn't think so. *Sigh*

          2. He is working at Blue Ribbon Sushi in Soho