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Dec 2, 2009 05:44 PM

Great, High-end and Unique Downtown Coffee shop

My good friend (who will be visiting from Los Angeles) loves and knows her high-end and unique coffee houses/shops. She'll be visiting me in a couple of weeks and I want to bring her to a great coffee house/shop. Any suggestions for where we should go? NYC Geography isn't an obstacle!


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  1. Your unique, high-end friend will probably appreciate Stumptown at the Ace Hotel.

    1. There is a plethora of them in NYC these days, I assume your friend is an espresso person?

      Stumptown in the Ace Hotel
      9th Street Espresso (multiple locations in Manhattan)
      Joe the Art of Coffee (multiple locations in Manhattan)
      Cafe Grumpy
      Gimme Coffee
      Jack's Stir Brewed

      Skip the Mud Truck, it's not really that great, but if you see the Van Leeuwen Coffee & Ice Cream Truck around, they pull a good shot of espresso.

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