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Dec 2, 2009 05:21 PM

James Beach in Venice

If anyone has eaten here recently, I would love to hear your feedback. I'm thinking of going here Fri with a friend.


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  1. On a Friday night, the bar scene is bigger than the restaurant scene. It's a good bar for people watching. The restaurant is fine, but nothing amazing. They usually have some riffs on comfort food and some succeed. If you're looking for a place to eat and then hang out with some drinks afterwards, then it's a fine option. However, there is better food in the Venice area -- Joe's, Chaya, etc.

    1. i actually haven't been here in about a year - but the food was ok. i generally liked what i ordered and my so generally disliked what he ordered. it's more of a bar scene type of place and food is secondary. maybe try beechwood or gjelina or the tasting kitchen on abbot kinney. i would avoid joe's! it has its fans - but it has many non-fans as well. and it's way more expensive than james beach.

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        This is just conjecture, but I've heard great things about Gjelina. Great bar food and ambiance and not that it matters, but you might see a celebrity or two on some nights there.

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        1. I eat there all the time and love it. I especially like Fried Chicken night, on Thursdays.

          Always have great food here, and the drinks are great, too.