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Dec 2, 2009 05:20 PM

where do you buy olives?

when i drive by lake success there's Iavarone bro's, but elsewhere where you recommend for nice crips olives (i like the sicilian or any green, crip, meaty, not mushy) ?

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  1. Iavoronne's in the lake sucess shopping center has the freshest olives anywhere in Queens--i go especially there to buy big containers of them....a long time ago on chowhound I started a thread about olives--do a search you can probably find it--olives and queens should bring it up...--i do not like the many olives i've tried in astoria, and they sit around too long, are spotted, or too favorite at iavorone are the cracked sicilian, their calamata (they used to have pitted calamatas which were great and cheaper to buy), the oil cured moroccan----used to love the oil cured with french herbs moroccan olives at citarella--they are wonderful---sometimes you can get pretty good israeli styled olives at Carmel on 108th street--but I think they are just dumping them from the big cans they sell--but some of them are very tasty and not mushy---

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      Iavarone Bros is technically on Long Island (but it's really really close to Queens).

      I get olives at Sahadi's on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn - excellent selection, quality, and price. They have lots of great cheese, too - they've recently started carrying the full line of cheeses (ok there are only 4) from Consider Bardwell and they have Point Reyes blue and the whole line of Cypress Grove cheeses.

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        I used to love the olives at Sahadi's but I've noticed recently that more often than not, the olives are mushy.

    2. colombos produce market on metropolitan avenue in middle village recently put in an olive bar. the large green olives in garlic are plump, meaty, fresh & delicious.

      1. Caputo's Fine Foods on Court & 4th Pl, The PS Food Co-op or D'Vine Taste. Is it true that most olives are cured with lye? Is there any brand or maker of cured olives who doesn't use lye? And where would they be sold outside of the PSFC ?

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          Fairway has a pretty big olive bar. Also Blue Apron on Union Street in PS

        2. there is a new place in whitestone on 150th Mediterranean grocery, kinda fancy higher end stuff but they have a huge olive bar and like 14 diff. feta cheeses

          love it

          i cant seem to find exact addy right this sec

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            please post when you do, sounds like a place to check out...