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Birthday Dinner Upper West Side Recs?

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Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a dinner suggestion on the upper west side (as long as it's above 65th) for my friend's birthday. It will probably be around 5 people at dinner. The birthday girl loves to eat and is definitely a foodie. It could be high-end or just comfy casual with great eats and good drinks. We've been to Cesca and Dovetail...loved both. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (And any surrounding bar recommendations would be great too! :) ) Thanks!

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  1. How about Salumeri Rosi on Amsterdam bet. 73rd & 74th? I love it.


    It's been mentioned plenty on CH.

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      i like the food, but find the tight seating quarters uncomfortable

    2. I think Calle Ocho though not the best food has a really great atmosphere. (they still have the best cheese breads though!)

      Others to consider West Branch, Bar Bao, Telepan, Ouest

      1. I would try Ouest, followed by George Keeleys (Amsterdam bet'n 83/84) for drinks - love the beer selection there.

          1. We've always been happy with Ouest.

            1. My first choice would be Bar Bao for a good pqr, though it's not as fancy as Dovetail.
              If you want to spend more, maybe Telepan?
              And I've found the food at West Branch to be pretty meh for the most part.

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                Bar Bao is a good option if the OP doesn't want to go high-end (which doesn't mean it's cheap: it's not) - we had a birthday dinner there recently - 6 people - and everyone had a great time (we ordered and shared a lot of dishes :)). Good food - the duck/daikon hash is a must-order - good drinks, fun atmosphere.

              2. Picholine is a block too low, but very worthy.
                I second Telepan/Ouest
                Bar Bao is very good for what it is but not in the same league as the ones above