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Dec 2, 2009 03:58 PM

We just got a Pizza it good?

New Pizza Rustica opened here in Charleston, it any good?

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  1. No, unless you like glue on cardboard.

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        1. re: scscr

          I tried it and this is an incredibly accurate's terrible, it may be the worst pizza I have ever had.

        2. Ya'll are whacked. Pizza Rustica Rules....On the way to my dorm and they are open late night!

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          1. re: BR12

            Yeah, Pizza Rustica rules because it's on the way to your dorm...thank God we all live on the way to your dorm.

          2. No, unless its 4am and youre drunk and/or stoned.

            1. Wow, I didn't think Pizza Rustica would bring out love AND hate. To me it's adequate pizza. The value is fair given the thick slices. There's one with proscuitto and egg that I really liked, though the regular cheese slices are somewhat chewy and bland.

              There is one that is about to open in South Miami on Red Road and US1. That's going to be the real test. The South Beach locations do well because there's a lot of tourist and local pedestrians walking around looking for cheap substance. The spot in South Miami is NOT in a pedestrian friendly spot at all, so it's going to have to earn its drive-to traffic.

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              1. re: Gabled

                Good luck with that! Maybe it was 4am, I was 19, drunk and on my way back to the dorm, it'd be OK. But, I'm not any of those, so it's just not good pizza! Went once to the store in Delray Beach and I haven't been, and never will, go back there again.

              2. It seems pretty pricey, especially since people describe it as "glue on cardboard"...4.95 for a slice, I think.