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Dec 2, 2009 03:52 PM

Candied Orange Peel and Matcha (powdered green tea)

It's cookie baking time and I'm in need of some shopping advice. Where can I find these two ingredients in the Cambridge area? I know I can make my own candied orange peel, but since I have about seven types of cookies that I need to bake I would prefer to buy it. Thanks!

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  1. Super 88 or C-mart should have cans of powdered matcha. i've never shopped at either one, but all the major Asian markets i've been to (Mitsuwa, H-mart, Nijiya, etc) carry it.

    1. Depending where you are in Cambridge, Reliable Market in Union Sq may be a closer place to look for matcha. I'm not 100% sure they have it, but I'd say it's at least as likely as Super88 (Hong Kong market). C-Mart is probably the least likely of these-- their selection of Japanese and Korean items is not really so extensive.

      1. You might try the Harvest Co-op in Central Square for orange peel.

        1. Thanks, I forgot about Super88. I was thinking Harvest or Whole Foods might be my best bet for the peel. I wonder if Harvest also has matcha.