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Dec 2, 2009 02:33 PM

Your favorite mail order holiday treats.

'Tis the season to indulge in all kinds of holiday goodies. What are your favorites to order online? I'm looking for anything that is truly worth the money to get by mail order, the things you can't wait to have show up on your doorstep?

My bank card is warmed up and ready for use:)

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  1. C'mon peeps...cookies, hams, chocolates, cakes, anything?...

    1. I forget what it was called, but, it was basically a collossal Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll. Dressed up to look like a log, with a chocolate endpiece with some raccoons peeking out from the log.

      Cute, and tasty, shipped frozen to your door!

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      1. re: Aramek

        It's called a Buche de Noel.

        Ok, hams, jams and Tim-Tams.

        What I'm wishing for this year?

        Bacon of the Month Club
        Cheese of the Month Club

        source for cob-smoked hams, recommended by me:

        I once worked for a doctor that was the recipient of the Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club thing. He had gone on vacation for the month of August and the office received a shipment of 12 very large peaches, tough skin but really sweet and juicy. I ate them all.

      2. You can always check out this thread: or this one:

        I've never ordered any food online, but I always enjoyed receiving citrus fruit from our FL clients.

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        1. re: viperlush

          Correction: I did order a sample pack from that I divide between my BF and his father. I enjoyed it, as did the BF, but BF's father said that he preferred the OR kernels that he bought at the grocery store because they were fluffier. That was the same year that I got BF's mother a nice bottle of pink champagne (she enjoys sparkling wine and pink zin), and she didn't like it because it wasn't sweet. That was the last (and only) year that I gave food as gifts.

        2. browneyedw, this year my mail order holiday treats are coming via:
 for cheese samplers
 for tea samplers
 for caramels and bars

          All fabulous companies w/superior customer service.

          1. Thanks! I'm thinking about ordering the cookie tin from Emporio Rulli (love cookie tins at the holidays, a childhood thing I think) and maybe a kringle from the bakery in Solvang. I do plan to cook/bake at home but our kitchen is torn apart for remodel so I don't have a full size stove, just a counter top. My excuse to go "order crazy":)

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            1. re: browneyedwoman

              Oh don't let the cyber-Monday mislead ya. I'm also baking & making treats but some of our gift giving includes these food suppliers because they are just that good. Happy Holidays! I love kringle, btw!