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Dec 2, 2009 02:20 PM

Where To Go in NOVA To Enjoy A Cigar Post Ban?

Does anyone know what if any Northern Virginia bars/restaurants have modified their establishments so they can continue to offer smoking since the state-wide ban went into effect Tuesday? Places that have separate entrances and separate venitilation systems will be allowed to continue to have a smoking area.


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  1. At least three years ago Summer's Restaurant in Courthouse, known as one of the best soccer bars in the country, revamped their place to have two completely separate bars and separate dining rooms. You could check there. Buffalo wings and potato skins are perfectly acceptable, but I'd stick to those.

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      There is a hookah bar/restaurant in Arlington. ..Guarapo?? Decent tapas...Call and ask..

    2. I know EatBar used to have a separate space with ventilation system in the back to accommodate smokers, you could call and see if they still comply.

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        I like EatBar quite a lot. Remember the old days when that was Whitey's? Man, that was a great place. Why do other cities across the country leave those classics alone while we routinely bulldoze them in favor of condos or something else? Makes me crazy. EatBar is better than having that building leveled though I guess. I have been in their back room before and do believe they have separate ventilation.

        Thanks for the that!

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          FYI for those interested in this. I just found out that the place I want to go to on Saturday still allows smoking. Jackson's Mighty Fine Food in Reston Town Center has a separate lounge/bar with its own entrance and ventilation. Since it's fairly new, I wouldn't be surprised if they constructed it with a smoking ban in mind. They are part of Great American Restaurants the same group that owns Sweetwater Tavern.
          I was talking about Houston's on another post and I would say these folks are very similiar in service and food. Good food and pretty good prices.

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            Just called, and EatBar does not allow smoking at all. The separate area is not properly cordoned off, and as of today, has no way to do so.

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              Good job on that! Thanks for letting us know.

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              the owner of whitey's was hassled so much by arlington county that he just gave up.

          2. Okay, so this is coming from a desperate woman. Clarendon Grill has a back area outside with its own bar and heating lamps.

            1. I don't know if it's still open, but John's Place on Lee Highway in Fairfax used to have a rooftop deck. Always pretty smoky there. Nice collection of pinball machines.

              1. Rampart's on Fern Street in Alexandria. I live in Fairlington, but had not visited for several months. Some friends went in for the late football games this last Sunday and I was surprised to see that there is still smoking.

                The bar is separate from the restaurant area and thus the abiltiy to smoke. Foods not bad either.

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                  Ramparts does not meet the letter or the spirit of the law. I am reporting them to the Alexandria and the Virginia State Police for violating the anti-smoking law.