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FAB in Mt Kisco

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Anyone been to FAB in Mt Kisco lately? I'd love to hear experiences... I haven't seen them mentioned in a while and was thinking about going this weekend.. thanks!

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  1. I have not been, and from the posts here probably won't even give them a try.

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      I saw those posts, and I agree it doesn't sound promising - but by the same token, those are all from a few months ago and I've had friends who've had enjoyable experiences so I was hoping those reports were just early opening inconsistencies.. thanks!

    2. a friend of mine (non foodie) was telling me just today that they do a great burger, i went to johnny rockets any way, hadn't been in many or anytime recently for that matter, enjoyed it but not overwhelmed (johnny rockets), the burger and esp. toppings good, but fries were mush and after tax and tip close to price (i was told) for fab burger 13.00. i would guess from my friends comment that it is good.

      1. Hubby and I had dinner for the first time 2 weeks ago. I had the escolar which is on the menu. It was very good. He had a special ($22) 2 pork chops that were cooked properly and were delicious. Good size portions that actually come with veggies. We also tried the fabulous homemade potato chips that are served at the bar. We definitely plan to go back.

        1. Great Burger and the service was very good

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            Thanks! We went a few days ago and were reasonably pleased. The mussels starter was excellent, and my hanger steak was very good. I didn't love the creme brulee but it was still good - I prefer mine with a heavier sugar crust than theirs offered. We liked the atmosphere - they had live music that was a little loud but the overall vibe was good - and the service was very good. We'll be back!

          2. My husband and I went to FAB for my birthday a few nights ago. The place is very pretty, the service was very good, and the presentation was great. However, the food was devoid of taste. For an appetizer I got French Onion soup, which was okay, not great. My husband got the mac n cheese layered with mozzerella. He said it didn't have much flavor. I got the veal chop with mushroom risotto for dinner, which was a special. The veal chop was huge and it looked delicious. But, the risotto had very little flavor and the veal chop wasn't much better. My husband got the steak, which was pretty good, but not great. I'm used to going to french bistro's and loving them, this is not one I will return to. Also, it was pretty empty and I got the last special, which was suprising given how few people were in the restaurant.

            1. I just went there last week and I loved it. I had the mussels and salmon. Both dishes were well portioned and were delicious and flavorful. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and the place was busy for a Thursday night. Overall FAB is a great place to have a dinner out and to relax, the atmosphere is cozy and on thursdays they have live music!!

              1. there octupus salad is good and so is their duck breast dish. but the rissoto in the duck breast is weak.