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Dec 2, 2009 02:02 PM

Local food gifts for DC clients

I'm looking for locally made goodies for my client gifts this year instead of the usual Harry and Davids/Mrs. Fields. Any suggestions?


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  1. How about cupcakes? DC Bakeshop delivers. They are my favorite of all the cupcake stores.

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    1. Depends if you can get it delivered or not.

      I don't really think cupcakes are that special, but if you want to go down the sweet route, how about Or Cava Meze has a mail order business. Some their spreads could be a nice gift.

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      1. re: Jacey

        Thanks Jacey, I like the cakesforacause idea... I do most of my work for non-profits.

      2. Buzz, a dessert/coffee place has some gift wrapped packs that could work. This place is in Alexandria.

        1. Copper Pot, who sells at bunch of local farmers markets, has great gourmet sauces.

          1. You should check out Grassroots Gourmet. They just started their baking company but they make cookies, pies, cakes etc. Really good people trying to start up a local, well thought out business in DC. They really want to cater to organizations/non-profits that help others, so that might be good for you. Check out their website: