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Dec 2, 2009 01:40 PM

harvard square late night eats and drinks

i'm looking for recommendations for a fun place to go in Harvard Square late night that serves good, cheapish food and drinks, beer more importantly. I am going to the 8PM Donkey Show next Saturday night and am planning on holding off on dinner till after (which I am guessing will be around 10), but want to continue the drinking. I like Cambridge One since it's cheap, has a good beer selection and strikes me as a place that is ok with a sort of drunk, possibly loud group of diners.

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  1. If you want to stay in the square, how about Tory Row? I don't know what time the kitchen closes, though. We hadn't been back in a while for food and stopped in this past Sunday. It seems there is more variety food-wise and the prices seem lower than when it first opened. The Wasik's cheese and apricot spread with (endless) baguette was tasty, bacon flatbread (I didn't try it but it looked tasty) was declared delicious and my potato leek soup was warming and comforting, if a bit boring.

    Another place that might be fun (if the kitchen/restaurant is still open) is Forest Cafe, a short walk down Mass Ave. They certainly wouldn't frown down upon rowdiness....they'd welcome it, in fact.

    Forest Cafe
    1682 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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      Last I heard, Forest Cafe was scheduled to shut its doors at the end of last month.

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        Forest was still open as of last week, and predicted they would stay that way for a month or so.

    2. Grendels den and Charlie's kitcken are two of my favorite late night spots. Good beer, cheap food. They expect sort of drunk, possibly loud groups of diners.

      1. Go to Garden at the Cellar; they serve dinner until 11pm. If you think you are going to be too rowdy, you could go downstairs to The Cellar, where I think you can get a subset of the menu. It's just as close to Zero Arrow as Harvard Square proper.

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          I'm pretty sure you can access Garden at the Cellar's entire upstairs menu downstairs, in addition to the bar menu, except on Sundays and Mondays. FYI, downstairs is cash only!

        2. Garden at the Cellar / The Cellar is your best bet. Harvard Square is a pretty miserable place for food overall, but GatC is quite good.