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Dec 2, 2009 01:08 PM

What's new in Vegas - and what's open Christmas?

I haven't been to Vegas for about two years and will be there over Christmas.

What are the good new restuarants? I'm open to anything - but sushi/Asian are favorites.

Also, are most of the restaurants open Christmas dinner?


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  1. You don't indicate a price point, but a few ideas:

    Raku is (almost) universally loved here. Considering how popular it is, it is very reasonably priced and open late:

    Namaste is right next door to Lotus of Siam and has received much love here. I'll finally have a chance to go this month -- among people I know, some Indian, it's considered to be the best Indian ever in Las Vegas.

    On the high end, Bar Charlie, within Restaurant Charlie at the Palazzo, is very pricey but might have the most universally positively reviewed food of any of the expensive restaurants in Las Vegas here. The food is Japanese-based, and includes raw fish, but I wouldn't consider it a "sushi restaurant." Here's a link to the menu:

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      Just a note that Raku will be closed on Dec 25, Christmas day. They're open the 24 and 26. Yup, I recently called for a reservation.

    2. The Aria hotel, located between Bellagio and the Monte Carlo hotels will be opening next week. I think they have 13 restaurants and a bunch of those have big names attached to them. I wish they had their menus (prices $$) up because I'll be staying at Aria next weekend, but am to afraid to make reservations without knowing the costs!

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        Good idea eating at Aria. There's nothing like the opening of a brand new restaurant with a brand new staff inside a brand new casino to guarantee a quality meal.