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Dec 2, 2009 12:53 PM

Lomo al Trapo


Since Texas is the heart of "grill" country, I'll ask if you have done the beef tenderloin,
covered in salt and spices and wrapped in a plain cotton cloth? I saw Raichlen do
it in one of the "Primal Grill" shows, but need more instruction than he gave. Any ideas?
I posted this on the "home cooking" board, but no one replied so I figured I ask real
grillers. Thanks for any help

  1. found this...

    looks very interesting after I stopped laughing after looking at the pictures that accompany it

    1. Here is Raichlen's recipe with full instructions:

      If you have any questions you can email him and he WILL respond. I had a question about a rib recipe, where they had left out an ingredient, and I got an email from him and his assistant.

      1. has anyone tried this with a pork loin? (not tenderloin)... Interested in the technique and think it would work --- anyone, anyone?

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        1. re: sparky403

          I did already - I have not heard back as yet - but it is Sunday. I'll let ya know what he says and how it turns out...

        2. The referenced Home Cooking thread is here: Please post further suggestions on that thread. We'll lock this one. Thanks!