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Dec 2, 2009 12:30 PM

Best Indian Buffet in Boston/Cambridge/Waltham/Metrowest

Where is the best Indian lunch buffet in Boston/Cambridge/Waltham or the general Metrowest area?

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  1. This thread has some discussion of Kebab and Tandoor in Waltham and The Kebab Factory on the Cambridge/Somerville line, amongst others.

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    1. re: chickendhansak

      Haven't made it out to Kebab and Tandoor in Waltham yet, but I can give a strong recommendation to The Kebab Factory.

      1. re: chickendhansak

        This place is great esp there biryani!

      2. I really enjoyed Minerva in Natick last time. Standouts were goat curry, tandoori chicken and a sweet noodle dessert.

        1. For me its a toss up in Waltham between Kebab and Tandoor and Little India - depends on my mood on which style I want to eat and what happens to be offered that day.

          1. Kathmandu Spice in Arlington is also EXCELLENT.

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            1. re: StriperGuy

              Can also vouch for buffet at Kebab Factory - and if you're on the subway - Mantra in the theater district also has a pretty good buffet - and you always get a dosa...

              1. re: AmbigEthnic

                Moonson in Maynard has a pretty good buffet.

                1. re: bostonron

                  I think that one is OK, but beware the Monsoon buffet in Acton, which is appalling.

            2. Its a little far out, but India Palace in Chelmsford, is fantastic.Different types of dishes ( including the basic fare) but also idlis, vadas, sambars, many vegetarian options. 3 types of dessert. etc. I love the idlis personally.

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              1. re: jcess7

                If you're that far out, consider Pongal, one of the best around, on Rt 3A in Billerica.

                1. re: jcess7

                  I've been there on both their good and not so good days. The good ones are excellent, the others forgettable. My only big quibble with IP is the cubes of pre-fab chicken which are apparently added at the end of sauce preparation. There is no chicken flavor in the sauces themselves (not that the chicken equivalent of particle board would contribute much taste anyway). The fried idli tidbits are one of the best things ever!

                  Overall, I give the Pongal the edge, but not by much.