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Dec 2, 2009 12:04 PM

Christmas in Rome


Sadly, it's been a couple of years since I was last in the eternal city. There's a chance my family will be coming over for the holiday and whisking me from England to Rome over the break- any recommendations for somewhere that's open on Christmas itself? The last time this happened was in Viterbo, which is a much smaller town, and we ended up grabbing dinner at a bar. Actually, the food was great, and it became a decent story, but I'd prefer to set something up in advance this time around.

Caveats: I have no idea where we're staying, although probably within the usual areas; they were out past the Vatican last time and it was fine. My knowledge of Rome and Italian is in working order, and none of us fear the use of buses or walking. I'm also unsure when exactly they'll be arriving.

Misc.: Has anyone got any updates on the various vegetarian places, or that wonderful tea/bookshop/brunch place in Trastevere? Or does anyone know if one Maharajah restaurant, located in a double story (half below street level) building on Via dei Serpenti might still be around? The last time was six years ago, so I'm dubious, but it was great last time around.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Have a look here: It's an (incomplete) list of places open at Christmas and New Year's. Some restaurants have posted special menus; some only say when they're open.

    Maharajah on Via dei Serpenti is still listed in the Italian Yellow Pages and still has a functioning Web site. (Restaurants in Italy tend not to come and go as much as in the US.)

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      Brilliant; I've finally received confirmation that we're going, and this will be a family saver. Grazie mille! I will report back!