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Dec 2, 2009 11:52 AM

Anyone been to the new AVAM resturant? Mr Rains Funhouse...

Was thinking of going later this month as I have some relatives coming in from out of town who want to go to the aquarium. I wanted to try someplace new, in the area, and I see they are doing classic cocktails which I love. Anyone been yet? Here's the website:

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  1. Funny that no one on this site has been there yet. We may go on Saturday. If so, I'll report.

    1. We just finished a nice evening there. We thought it as a younger sibling of Salt. While Salt is better and polished, Mr. Rain's Fun House is a nice eclectic mix of dishes and wine list. Priced nicely as a mid-range restaurant, which Baltimore was lacking.
      We had the Adobo Ribs and the Chicken Livers Two Ways for appetizers. The ribs was ok as the flavors were a bit bland and the meat was a bit tough. The Chicken Livers was really nice. The pate had great flavor while the bacon wrapped livers with plum sauce had a great balance. The bacon was a bit overpowering, but it was a good flavor combo. Pancetta could have been a good alternative. Our main meals consisted of the Scallops and the Prawns and Pheasant dishes. The highlight was the Pheasant sausage. Wow. A great flavor. One thing we noticed was that individual components of both dishes were good, but lacked something. It wasn't until we combined all of the dish's elements where the flavors took us for a nice ride. All of the flavors challenged us and nothing was too out of balance.
      Overall, it's a great start for the restaurant. I hope that they succeed. The price point is spot on and it's a nice addition to the Baltimore food scene. We look forward to another trip to taste their other offerings.

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        Thanks for the review. I'll definitely check it out and report back.

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