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Dec 2, 2009 11:26 AM

fresh baked Irani flat bread on San Pablo AVe

After a yummy Macchiato at Local 1-2-3, I sauntered across the street to explore the Middle Eastern grocery store. I was quite surprised to see in the back, a stack of fresh baked 2-foot long Irani style breads with sesame seeds.

Jeanette came out from the open kitchen and let me know that she's recently started baking fresh flat breads Monday-Wed-Friday. For us multi-grain-ers, she even has whole wheat versions (hooray!) for which I am most grateful. The one I bought was warm and delicious.

She added that she'd be happy to make them on order with other seasonings: e.g. cardamom. And might expand to baking on Sat as well if there's enough business.

I recall there were earlier postings about maybe Mi Tierra baking breads, but I think that it's Jeanette's oven that was sighted.

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  1. Yum. That's Middle East Market at 2054 San Pablo?

    Mi Tierra has a panaderia, but I don't think their stuff is as good as Casa Latina's a few blocks away.

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      Correct. it's "Middle East Market". A few storefronts up from Mi Tierra.

    2. Sounds like a great find. What time did you stop by to score the fresh bread? What is the price?

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        I should say, that the bread appears to be an Irani style. But in all honesty, I'm not sure exactly what ethnic group it is from...

        Anyway, Jeanette said if I called in the morning with a request, she'd bake it for me.
        i was there today somewhere around 10:30am. The large, maybe 2-foot long bread cost $2.25, I think. There's also a round version.

        1. re: escargot3

          from your description, it's the type of bread I've seen both at Persian and Afghani bakeries--the Bohlani (Afghan) folks who sell at many local markets make a very good whole wheat version; haven't seen it warm, right from the oven except from a big converted supermarket in Irvine.

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            There are Persian and Afghan groceries in the same strip mall in Concord that bake their own bread, which you can buy hot if you're there at the right time:


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              Sahara Market in Dublin makes barberi bread in-house as well. One can check on the baking schedule to score a hot one.

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            Stopped in today for the round and also picked up a warm sweet round flavored with cardamom, delicious plain, probably great with some spread but I won't know until the next one. This one all gone.

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              Thanks, Wolfe, for the post. Now I don't feel so guilty for doing the same!

            2. re: escargot3

              When I asked her today, Jeanette told me that most of her bread recipes are Afghan (though, as she said, it's more or less the same as what they eat in Iran).

              She's now selling one of her own concoctions--a round loaf she calls her "breakfast bread". Basil, scallion, and feta in the dough. $3. Really fragrant and excellent. Sometimes she has slices up front so that you can give it a try before deciding to buy it.

          3. I just wanted to add that the bread, while great warm, toasts well, too. I got talked into buying two round loaves (1.50). The second was stale by the next day, but when toasted it naturally split in two -- crunchy on the outside and surprisingly soft on the inside. I noticed day old two-footers selling for 99 cents. They could work well for sandwiches.