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Dec 2, 2009 11:11 AM

Illiano's on South Main St./Rt. 17 (Middletown, CT): THE CHEESEBURGER PIZZA!

As crazy as it may sound, this is both creative and delicious...and it's not on the menu, you have to ask for it. Ever feel torn between having a cheeseburger or a pizza? You can now have BOTH at Illiano's.

What is a cheeseburger pizza, you ask? It's a cheeseburger built on pizza dough with ketchup and mustard instead of sauce, then crumbled hamburger, chopped pickles (YUP!) and mozzarella...and crumbled bacon is optional (yeah, baby!). It was such a fun thing to try. If you're in the area and feel like something different, ask if they can make one for you. I highly recommend it.

If that's not your speed, they make "normal" pizzas, too, but life is too short to be normal. Why not try something different? :) Their buffalo chicken pizza is mighty tasty, too.

Illiano's Italian Pizzeria
404 S Main St, Middletown, CT 06457

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  1. They'll give you a free sample slice when ordering takeout at the Rte66 location....Buffalo chicken pizza? Cheeseburger pizza? I dunno

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    1. re: BiscuitBoy

      They usually give free sample slices on South Main, too--both while you're waiting at your table or doing takeout. Color outside the lines and give it a try. ;) Either way, there are plenty of more traditional pizza options which you must already like, right? Service is friendly, too. Can't beat it.

      1. re: kattyeyes

        agree the service there always great and very friendly (although I typically get take out) and I love the free sample slice, I am usually famished by the time I roll in there to get a slice:) do you know if they make cheeseburger by the slice...

        1. re: geminigirl

          I believe the cheeseburger is by the whole pie only. Bring a dining companion and you'll leave with a portion each for lunch (or breakfast HA HA HA) the next day. :)

          1. re: kattyeyes

            :) I just had 2 slices of cold Luna for breakfast...

    2. Feast your eyes on the cheeseburger pizza, my friends. Yes, those are pickles you see on top! This was yesterday's late lunch! Sometimes, "I got that feeling, baby, (for this pie)--can't help it!" How lucky I am this is right in my neighborhood!

      1. Which is crazier: The original poster or the pizza itself? :)

        It's a close one but my answer is the.........

        1. Sad news, friends. Apparently, the one man who made the cheeseburger pizza pictured above no longer works at my local Illiano's on Rt. 17. "Come back, baby!"

          I called the Washington Street location and had one there. While the flavors are the same, the pie didn't even look the same as this picture. No pickles, and it was swimming in cheese. :(

          And I am extra sad to say this because the Washington Street staff was so very friendly and accommodating. Service was terrific. I just didn't like this particular pizza the same as I used to on the south end of town.

          I did see other pizzas at neighboring tables that looked interesting. Folks across from us had a chicken francese pizza and they said it was great. But for all my excitement about the cheeseburger pizza, the thrill is gone with it for me now that my buddy has left the South Main St. Illiano's. BOOHOOHOO.

          I guess I will need to find a new pizza to love at Illiano's. "Somebody help me!"

          1. Tomato pesto's lookin' good...