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Dec 2, 2009 11:09 AM

How many pounds of potatoes? Latkes for 75 people

How many pounds of potatoes do you recommend for making plenty of latkes for a crowd of around 75 (mixed adults and kids), and do you think 3 hours is enough time to fry all those latkes with 3 adults and 2-3 frying pans available? We will be serving the latkes at dinnertime along with green salad, roasted veggies and a vegetarian african stew/soup. We will also be inviting people to bring their favorite alternative latke recipe so there will be some uncertain quantity of non-traditional latkes being served as well.


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  1. I would make it in advance and place in large baking pans ready to heat up uncovered. This will help them retain their crispiness. Fresh is best, but I would not recommend doing that big an amount right before they come. I would guess about 30 potatoes (18 pounds or so). With 2 pans going and about 6 frying in each at one time, that would mean about 5 batches--1 1/2 hours or less.

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      This is for an event at our synagogue, and there are people who don't mind being on Latke duty for the 3 hours before dinner. The early ones will have to be kept warm in the oven anyhow, but having fresh ones is the best :)

    2. 28 lbs, perhaps a little less if you use a lot of onion in your recipe. People tend to eat several latkes even in preference over other food offered. It's a "carb" thing, but also a "holiday" thing. It will probably take a little longer than three hours to make them, if you factor in the preparation time as they need to be grated and mixed. Don't forget to factor prep time in your time calculations.

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        We definitely want there to be plenty of latkes for people to have lots. :) Thanks for your reply. 3 hours is until people start eating. It's ok and even good if we're still making the last few batches fresh during dinner. So it sounds like that should work out reasonably well.