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Dec 2, 2009 10:42 AM

Any great Food & Drink in Harrisonburg, VA?

My s.o. and I are traveling to Harrisonburg, VA and we'd love some suggestions on where to eat. Ideally, we'd prefer inexpensive to moderately priced restaurants that provide a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to the quality of food served. We have a soft spot for sushi and tapas, but we're absolutely open to any type of cuisine. Any suggestions?

And Bars! Are there any places in Harrisonburg that offer a great beer or cocktail selection? Any microbreweries in town? Any popular places with a chill atmosphere for people in their 30's (i.e., the 'grad student' / 'young professional' type of crowd)?

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  1. cuccubear is in harrisonburg -- maybe he'll get you some ideas. there was a thread recently about dining along the i-81 corridor that had some harrisonburg recommendations.

    1. There is a brewpub called Calley's in Harrisonburg.

      1. its not tapas or sushi, but it is awesome vegetarian-friendly homey cuisine. It oozes more character than any other place I've been in Virginia (sit in one of the booths on the far wall and read all the postcards for daaays). its my must-stop if i'm ever in the area. They usually have a couple local-ish good brews on tap too. :)