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Dec 2, 2009 10:26 AM

affordable dinner near CSULB?

I am taking my brother to a play at the Carpenter Center on Friday night at 8pm and we expect to get into town in time for dinner. I really don't know the area very well. Can anyone suggest a casual place that is neither a chain nor Enriques (which is all anyone seems to want to tell me about)?
We like almost anything but Indian food, and want to keep an eye on the wallet, if you know what I mean.
Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can you be more specific about what your price range is?

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        Flexible. I already dropped 50 bux on the theater tickets, so I would prefer to keep it on the low side. But anywhere up to around 20 clams a person, I suppose.

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          There are not a lot of good, affordable choices close to the Carpenter Center. If you are willing to travel a few minutes down PCH to Seal Beach, you could try here http://www.blackboardbistro.com/. There is parking in the back. I've had breakfast and lunch there and liked it very much.

          If you like New York style pizza, there is A Slice of New York at 142 Main St, also in SB, a few blocks off PCH. Pizza, calzone, (maybe strombolis), but no salads. A few dollars for two slices and a drink.

      2. I'd recommend heading over to 2nd street in Belmont Shore, it's got a large concentration of good and inexpensive restaurants. It's about 10 minutes max. from campus (take PCH south and take a right at Westminster/2nd St.). My favorites: Magic Lamp or Open Sesame (middle eastern), Lucilles (BBQ), and Christies/Bonos (italian). By the way, Enriques is closer to campus and has great food --order the pork shank or filet mignon and you wont be disappointed!

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          You think Bono's is inexpensive... what do you do? Eat the stuff that drops on the floor?
          I wouldn't even consider Lucilles to be that inexpensive.
          There is a Super Mex on 2nd and also Domenico's. If you like sausage pizza, go for Domenico's. You get free minestrone and they have inexpensive but very drinkable jug chianti too.

        2. A very highly regarded, locals favorite, is Cafe Lafayette in Seal Beach - just 10 minutes from Carpenter. On Main St, by Bay Theater, 1/2 block south of PCH. Wonderful continental/american food at very reasonable prices. Menu specials daily - don't miss the lemon-chicken soup.

          1. One of the Belmont Shore Middle Eastern places, George's Greek is also good.

            If you want cheap there are the chains like Rubios and Super Mex.