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Dec 2, 2009 09:37 AM

irish whiskey, green chartreuse, and sweet vermouth cocktail?

Please help. There was an article I read somewhere about this time last year--I want to say it was either in Gourmet or the New Yorker--about a guy who goes into a bar with a terrible cold, and the bartender makes him a concoction using irish whiskey, green chartreuse, and sweet vermouth that clears his head, warms the insides, and all that good stuff. It wasn't published as a recipe per se, but the article did give the proper proportions for the drink. I made it, and absolutely loved it. Of course, now I can't find the article, and have no idea how to recreate it. Does anyone remember reading this, or happen to know the proportions to the drink I'm talking about? Thanks!

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  1. Is this it?



    1/2 ounce Green Chartreuse
    2 ounces Irish whiskey
    1 ounce sweet vermouth


    Pour the Chartreuse into a chilled cocktail glass, and by tilting the glass and rotating it at the same time, coat the entire interior of the glass. Discard the excess Chartreuse. Fill a mixing glass two-thirds full of ice and add the whiskey and the vermouth. Stir for approximately 30 seconds and strain into the prepared cocktail glass.

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      I found this one too when I did a search. Funny how it, too, has a story attached! Alas, it's not the same story or the same drink. But hey, I'll give this a try as well. Couldn't be bad! In the meantime, I guess I'll be going through a few old magazines.

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        I suppose someone could always mess with proportions and then change the name, but Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Green Chartreuse does -- in fact -- result in a Tipperary.

        I've seen a dry-vermouth version of the drink dubbed a "Shamrock".

    2. Gourmet Dec 2008 p. 46 3/4 oz each green chartreuse, Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth.

      James Rodewald says... Thirty winters ago, a bit under the weather, I slid onto a bar stool at the Hotel Morey, in Tivoli, New York. Dick Bayly warmed some Tullamore Dew and Green Chartreuse for me, and within minutes my air passages were clear. Now, even when I'm feeling fine, I like to mix us 3/4 oz each of Green Chartreause, Irish whiskey, and sweet vermouth (Punt e Mes is great) in his honor. As Mr. Bayles would say, "Good stuff, kid." Merry Christmas.... Gourmet no more :(.

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        YES! That was it! Au revoir, Gourmet. Christmas isn't the same without you.