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Dec 2, 2009 09:21 AM

NYE Dinner Plans...

I have the option of the following and can't make a decision:

Scarpetta - $125 for 5 course meal that includes some favorites (polenta, spaghetti, cod)


Dell'anima - regular a la carte menu with a few specials


Degustation - $95 for 10 course tasting menu with champagne toast

While I love Scarpetta, I'm not sure I can justify the $125pp cost for essentially the same meal I could get for 1/2 the price, just b/c its NYE. Dell'anima is nice as well, but not sure its "special" enough for me to want to celebrate there. The food is good, just not sure about it for NYE. And Degustation I love, and the cost is only $20 more than the normal 10 course tasting, but I'm just wondering if 10 courses is too much considering I'll probably go out afterwards (club or something). Also, the space is either gonna be great b/c its so small and will have a good vibe, or the complete opposite.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. I found the 10-course tasting menu at Degustation substantial but not ridiculous, so I can reassure you somewhat on that score.

    1. Thanks. I decided to go to Dell'anima for NYE, and just changed my date for the 10 course meal at Degustation to that Saturday. That way I can really enjoy that meal.

      I know the 10 course is mostly off the menu items, and the 5 course is directly from the menu. Will they work with me if I order the 10 course, but my date orders the 5 course and adds a few items to make our course number match up?

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        Yes, I believe they would. I found the service there excellent.