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Dec 2, 2009 09:19 AM

Vegas dining picks for this weekend

We're going to be in Las Vegas for 3 days over this coming weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon). My main motivation for the trip is the food and my DH and the other couple we're traveling with aren't necessarily obscessed with where we eat, but are generally along for the ride. I've been researching on this board for a while and have picked out what I think will be our best bets. We are pretty much game for any type of cuisine, in particular we all love a good steak but my traveling companions won't do sushi. The super high-end, wallet busting places are out (no $300+ pp meals for us).

Here are the restaurants I have planned. Please let me know your thoughts and/or make specific menu recommendations if you've dined there. Thanks!


Lunch: Mesa Grill or Burger Bar
Dinner: Bellagio Buffet -- my travel companions insist we must visit a buffet... :(


Brunch: Bouchon
Dinner: CUT


Breakfast: Tableau
Lunch: Enoteca San Marco (or Burger Bar or Mesa if we haven't gone yet)
Dinner: L'Atelier

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  1. I'll be in Vegas this weekend also - wish it was a foodie trip, but am visiting family who lives there. Your weekend picks sound amazing - VERY similar to what I would pick! DH and I are planning lunch on Saturday (away from family) and it will either be at Burger Bar or Enoteca San Marco (1st choice was actually L'Atelier but they don't serve lunch). Considered Bouchon, but we have a reservation for the new LA location in a few weeks so will wait for that. Have loved Mesa, Tableau and Cut (in LA). Since it seems like we have similar taste, I would consider squeezing in Payard Patisserie & Bistro for breakfast or dessert. I have been to the Bellagio buffet (for breakfast/lunch) and have really enjoyed it. Have a great trip!!

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      Thanks @Obessed. Enjoy your weekend. I'm really looking forward to mine. I had Payard on my "if we have time" list, so we'll try to find time to squeeze it in.

    2. I'd skip Burger Bar and go to BLT Burger @Mirage instead. Much, much better.

      If you can, go to Raku. It was hands down my best meal in Vegas, and not expensive at all.

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        We liked Burger bar much better than BLT.

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          Well, clearly, people seem to disagree on this one. All I can say is that at Burger Bar, I had the Kobe burger which was a rather small & fairly taste-free patty. I had added only cheddar and caramelized onions, the latter of which also had little flavor.

          The BLT Burger which I had was juicy, flavorful, and a good portion. I also liked the fries better, tho I have to admit I can't make a totally fair comparison as we had skinny fries at Burger Bar, and fat fries at BLT.

          1. re: linguafood

            I also wasn't a fan of Burger Bar. We found our meals to be lacking flavor on so many fronts. We have tried BLT, but we might next time we get to Vegas.

      2. With respect to hamburgers, I had just the opposite experience. My two meals at Burger Bar have been good (very good burgers, sweet potato fries and milk shakes). My meal at BLT was disappointing (a medium rare burger that wasn't juicy, and onions rings that were mediocre; the shake was very good).

        1. Be sure to check out the Mandarin which will be open this weekend. Trying Twist and MOzen bistro this weekend.

          1. We were in Las Vegas right before T-day and ate at Bouchon, Cut, and Tableau.

            Honestly, unless you were staying at the Wynn, I'd skip Tableau. Nothing particularly wrong with it, but I don't think it would be worth the effort to go there.

            We always go to Bouchon for breakfast/brunch when we're in Las Vegas and it didn't dissappoint. Same with Cut.