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Dec 2, 2009 09:15 AM

Calgary: Looking for Low Sodium Soy Sauce

I have been to the major chains, as well as a few health food stores (Community Natural and Planet Organic), and cannot for the life of me find low sodium soy sauce anywhere. I am actually contemplating bringing some back with me when I go to the U.S. over Christmas!

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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  1. You can get Low sodium Kikkoman at T&T supermarkets and probably other asian supermarkets. There isn't much difference in flavor, the label is green. Good for making dumpling/dipping sauce.

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    1. re: crigg

      I swear I've seen it at regular grocery stores too. Superstore should have it for sure. But yes, you'll be guaranteed to find it at T&T.

    2. yeah, i've never had a problem finding it at any chinese grocer; t&t, lambda, etc.

      1. I shop at Superstore Deerfoot Meadows and I have never had a problem finding it.
        I buy the Kikkoman low sodium with the green label

        1. Thanks so much - the Kikkoman is exactly what I've been looking for! Asian markets and T&T are two spots I have not tried. Is there a T&T close to downtown and/or Bow Trail SW (Wildwood area)?

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            Sunterra lists Kikkoman low sodium soy sauce on their website. There is a Sunterra market not too far from you at West Market Square - 1851 Sirocco Drive SW (Sirocco & 17th Av) mind you I could swear Safeway also carried it and there's a safeway store at Westbrook Mall.

            Hope that helps :)

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              There are two T&Ts in Calgary - Harvest Hills and Marlborough.

              There is a Korean market - Arirang next to the Community on 10 Ave SW.

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                You can buy it at both Safeway and Co-op. I believe Superstore carries the bigger bottle at a better price.

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                  Downtown, try Hang Fung foods or the other grocer underneath the ABC Bakery in Chinatown. Don't know if they have Kikkoman brand but they likely have low-sodium soy sauce.

                  The aforementioned Lambda as well as Tops 100 are around 16 Ave NW and Centre St.

                2. I shop at Safeway in Glenmore Landing, and I know for a fact that they carry it. I bought a bottle just last week.