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Dec 2, 2009 08:39 AM

Best Chicken Noodle (or Other Nourishing) Soup in Boston?

So I have a dreadful cold and want nothing more than a hot, comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup. Good chicken noodle seems to be something of a lost art. Any suggestions? I'm open to other curative soup suggestions but nothing creamy or beef-based.

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  1. The soup noodles at Vinh-Sun are something I've enjoyed recently, fine chicken stock, quite restorative. Pho ga from a good Vietnamese place always picks me up when I'm feeling under the weather: Xinh Xinh is a standby for me.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Same here.

      Penang has a pork/cabbage soup with big slices of ginger in it that's also great for a cold. I'm not an MD but I do find that ginger has some type of healing/cold curing effect and sometimes add it to the soups at Xinh Xinh.

      Vinh Sun also has a good chicken broth with wontons.

    2. I got some great suggestions here:

      For a standard chicken soup I like the Delicato Cafe's chicken and rice soup - it's definitely homemade. They are by the old city hall.

      1. I like the Matzo Ball soup from Zaftigs. Not incredibly traditional, but has large pieces of chicken and veggies in it which I love.

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          I think that the matzo ball soup at S&S is the standout of their menu--the main attraction is typically pretty light but with some firmness, and the chicken soup itself is straightforward with some vegetables. The place gets its fair amount of criticism, but I think the soup works well.

        2. I love the chicken soup at New England Soup factory - Needham/Newton or Brookline - you can add matzoh balls or noodles...

          1. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I've only tried the Zaftig's so far because I was feeling pretty wrecked and they delivered. You're right about it not being traditional, but the matzo ball and noodle combo was somehow comforting on its own. I'm feeling a little more mobile now so may be hitting up some of these other suggestions in the next few days.