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Dec 2, 2009 08:15 AM

Banana Blossom Thai Cafe

Banana Blossom Thai Cafe
2112 Belle Chase Hwy
Gretna, La 70056

ph 504-392-7530
fax 504-392-7531

I am so excited!
We've been waiting for Thai on the WB for a long time!
And no MSG!

I stumbled upon it this morning & can't wait to try it out!

Has anyone here tried it yet?

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  1. Yes. Don't waste your time. All the flavors were way out of balance, and tended way too far toward the sweet end. I'm not sure there was anything we ate there that would be worth eating again. Also, while amuses and their dessert equivalents are nice touches, they are not necessary, and there is no reason to feel so compelled to put one out. The complimentary house salad we received was iceberg lettuce, carrot, and red onion with some sort of gloopy, sickly-sweet dressing. Not even remotely Thai, and more importantly, not good at all. The dessert was a "coconut" gelee. Over-gelatinized to the point of being hard to swallow, and terrible tasting. Free stuff is less appreciated if it's gross.

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      Damn, I was hoping this place would expand my Wesbank horizons.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        3 of my MFDCs went for lunch yesterday. They all loved it!

        My husband said that we're going to be going there a lot!
        I didn't get the full story of what they ordered, but will later today.
        His only complaint is that it could have been a little spicier.
        Our other friends said it was the perfect spice level for them.

        We're going for dinner tonight with a friend who is veg/vegan.
        That will give an additional slant on the restaurant.

        I'll report back soon!

      2. re: mikemill

        Are you sure you were at Banana Blossom on the West Bank? We thought this was one of the best Thai places we've been to. The calamari was very tender and fried perfectly, and the Bourbon Noodles (their version of Drunken Noodles) was INCREDIBLE! The Roti appetizer was loved by everyone who has tried it with us. We tried pretty much everything on the menu and it far exceeded any expectations. A little shy on the decor, but it is a new business and we would much rather have exceptional food vs. expensive atmosphere. Can't wait to go back!

        My suggestion to Isabella is to try it yourself...I do not think you will be disappointed!

      3. Isabella, if you do get to try this place, please let me know what you thought. Thanks and enjoy!

        1. My wife is Thai, and has a hard time finding good Thai restaurants. She had one restaurant that she loved to eat at, right close to the house, but when the original chefs left, it was never the same. The owner of Banana Blossom actually used to work there years ago and was trained by those chefs - that's how we found this place. She is so happy now! She has loved everything she has had there. I'm not a big fan of curry, so I haven't tried everything on the menu, but everything I have had has been fantastic.

          I guess it's pretty difficult to make authentic Thai food that also appeals to American taste buds, but these guys have pulled it off. I wish they were on the east bank, but it's definitely worth the drive.

          1. My boss went and said it was terrible. But I really love thai I might give it a shot anyway to form my own opinion.

            Now why can't we get an indian place over her?

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              theres a neighborhood one near me, Schiro's - aka Julie's Little Indian Kitchen. not bad.