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Dec 2, 2009 07:57 AM

Sunnyside Lunch

Hey guys....staying with a friend in Sunnyside on 12/30. Arriving in town that day and will be starved for a great lunch. Any recommendations for that area of Queens? Have pizza plans for later, so not that......from Houston, so not really looking for Mexican either - but I can be convinced to try your best Mexican. Thanks!

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  1. Also....forgot to ask about a good breakfast place in the neighborhood. My gf is big on pancakes and waffles if that helps any!

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      Well since you ruled out Mexican, not sure if you would want to try DeMole but it's the best in the area...they actually had very inexpensive breakfast and the best mexican hot chocolate, it's a cute little spot, and they also have excellent guacomole, quesadillas and coconut flan, as well as good basics...there are lots of threads on sunnyside, but most people like the Turkish place Mangal on Queens Blvd, and there a lot of people that like the Korean spot Natural Tofu. If you want the best Thai, head over a short distance to woodside and go to Sripiphrai the best Thai in NYC--tons and tons of posts about it....great atmosphere and excellent food. Some people like nearby La Flor for breakfast, but I think they have declined in quality and raised their prices from what they used to be...----there are a few spots not that far from you in Long Island City, a good coffee spot and a few others that might appeal to you. search for long island city and read the threads for what might appeal to you.

      46-20 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

      Natural Tofu
      40-06 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

      De Mole
      45-02 48th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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        Thanks janie...I had read about De Mole and I'm interested in seeing what it's all about...especially that hot chocolate on a cold winter day! I have never tried Turkish - what would be good to order at Mangal? Is the Thai place still closed on Wednesdays? I think I read that in a very old post. Not being a tofu guy, would there be anything more "meaty" at Natural Tofu?

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          don't have time at the moment for a more lengthy response, but yes, Srip is closed on Wednesdays---and here is a link which discusses some more places and gives some suggestions for the tofu and turkish place...turkish food is wonderful, so make sure you try it...and don't leave town without going to Sripiphrai....

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            I love the eggplant salad at Mangal. It has a wonderful smoky flavor to it, different than baba ghanoush. Probably not what you'd want for a meal, but great for a snack or an appetizer.

            46-20 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

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              There's meat at Natural Tofu. LA Galbi is pretty good (if not excellent) and so is the grilled octopus drenched in hot sauce, bbq chicken etc. Very good seafood pancake for starters.
              The name of the place is misleading, they have a couple of soups with soft tofu and seafood (and they're really-really good, a bowl of their soup makes a great meal, especially when it's cold outside).
              Mangal - look in the display case before ordering and see what looks good to you. Lachmacun is good for starters, their salads are decent also.
              There's a very small bakery on Queens Blvd. bet. 46th and 47th, their pan con queso in several variations is my fave for breakfast, but they have a few other pastries too.
              On Skillman & 46th st there another pastry shop, Daco-Romana bakery, that makes decent coffee.

        2. I'm not a huge fan of de mole. even the hot chocolate was good but not worth the taco accompaniment. turkish is a good idea.
          you are pretty close to greenpoint, so look for polish places there. astoria is not far away, take a trip up steinway.

          but you came to sunnyside, right? you might want to check out natural tofu, romanian garden, or a burger at PJ Hogans

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          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            Ditto on De Mole, it's a snooze IMO. Love Mangal, try the Lamuchan. If u can be convinced to do mexican go up roosevelt ave to the new Tia Julia brick and mortar or coatzingo. There's a Tia Julia post I put up yesterday.

          2. chong sol on 49th and queens blvd
            has great lunch specials and the little side dishes are amazing

            from one korean to the general population
            it is a don't miss lunch, brunch or dunch


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            1. re: theveryhungryperson

              very hungry person, I am going to chung sol in the next 2 weeks, what's your favorite lunch special item? Thanks!

              1. re: sdgmg

                i actually just had their fried rice, it is pretty amazing
                there are little pieces of potatoes in it and they top it off with a fried egg
                yummy, carb good, nobody in new york makes it like that!!!!!
                i think it is pretty authentic

                all the soups are very good to, spicy, i especially like their bu dae gi gae

                it has, get this...spam...bacon and hot dog with spicy cabbage

                you just cannot go wrong

                i love this place and just think the supermarket closing next to them has made an impact, hopefully they get busier, it is such a gem

                1. re: 2slices

                  A Korean restaurant on Roosevelt Ave at 49th St., right under the 7 train.
                  Never tried it, had a couple of instances of intent but in all honesty I don't find it inviting somehow. I'm sure I misjudge the place but there's this air of exclusivity, somehow.
                  I looked at the menu a few years back and I remember thinking that it's not inexpensive either.

                  1. re: RedVelvet

                    does it neighbor CVS? A block away from Natural Tofu? I went to NT yesterday and walked by a Korean place I had never noticed. South side of QB.

                    1. re: 2slices

                      it's actually on roosevelt ave, just east of where it crosses with QB. North side.

                      that other place is newer. got the menu somewhere around here....

                      1. re: 2slices

                        Would you recommend Chong Sol or Mangal for lunch?

                        1. re: Paulomet

                          I don't work for Chong Sol (thought it was Chung Sol), the one between the 99 cent store that was an asian market and the taxi repair place? But I had a good experience there. Much better then the one on the north side of queens blvd at least. I've been meaning to go back. I don't know if it's a destination restaurant, but for the area it's worth it.

                          Mangal however, I wish I could work there, because they are totally awesome. Amazing and cheap bread, great lamb and chicken gyros, amazing eggplant salad and hummos, fantastic lentil soup.

                          1. re: Widmark

                            Mangal also has excellent rating in inspection as well, always an added plus!

                            1. re: janie

                              I finally made it to Chong Sol for lunch and had a really good experience. Lots of food for $8. I got #7 beef soup with rice cake and man doo, which was a huge serving, and everything tasted fresh and good. I wish I could have tried the fried rice but I was so full. I would definitely go back for bbq, though not as cheap as lunch special!
                              More details here: