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Kosher - Madison Square Garden in NYC

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Are there any kosher dining/food options at MSG? If so, any details are most welcome.

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  1. If you have Club Seats, you can order deli sandwiches. I think they're from Mendy's. Last time I asked, they were about $15/sandwich.

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      if you have regular seats?

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        I think they might have a stand somewhere in the Garden. Did you try calling and asking?

    2. jews love PHISH! im coming up from DC for the shows and would also love to know if there is anything kosher in the garden itself or if i should hit up a place in midtown first

      1. Mr Broadway is real close - large selection.


        1. Last time I was at the garden (for a Rangers game I think) there was one stand that sold Mendy's pre-made sandwiches. There used to be a sign on Mendy's door saying which stand it was. You can call them and ask if they still do it.

          1. There are at least 2 places in Penn that sell sandwiches and there are 2 Krispy Kreme locations, as well. Nearby at 34th between 5 & Bdwy is Rosa's Pizza and Circa. The trifecta of Kosher Delight, Jerusalem II and Mr. Broadway are on Bdwy and Abigael's is just a bit north of the just mentioned three on Broadway. It all depends what you're looking for.