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Dec 2, 2009 07:21 AM

Fresh-N-Tasty (In N Out clone) on 23rd

Anyone else been here? I first noticed the place walking to work two weeks ago and had to do a double take because I thought on first glance that it was actually was an In N Out burger there in the middle of 23rd street, right by the uptown 6-train entrance. But no, it's a copy-cat in-n-out. As a native Californian, I was both intrigued and a irked at the blatant ripoff of In-n-Out. But hey, maybe a good In-N-Out burger near work wouldn't be so bad.

(btw, the place really is a complete copy cat - the menu, the red-white tiled walls, the name, even the paper hats employees wear are all copy cats of In-In-Out. (see pictures below). The big difference is price. It's about 3 times what In-n-out is in California. Burgers $4-ish, doubles $7, shakes $4. Basically, it's the same price as Shake Shack.)

Unfortunately, the burgers aren't as good as either shake shack or in-n-out. Not bad - crisp iceberg lettuce, good tomatoes and an in-n-out like thousand island sauce, but the patty itself was completely bland. Shake shack's actual burgers are far superior. The big difference though with this place is that you can get your burger in about 3 minutes, rather than the 30 minute wait at SS.

Reading some of the other posts on serious eats and others all seem to come to the same conclusion I have...

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  1. i havent been yet, but seems like the consensus is pretty meh. especially with shake shack being so close.

    1. The burger is a good fast food burger. To me it was on par with Blue Nine Burger (Maybe a tad better) but certainly no Shake Shack. However it also only took me 30 seconds to get my burger here. So that adds some bonus points.

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        yeah, as I mentioned somewhere else, being able to get a burger rather quickly on a nice day is a big plus - particularly during those times when I don't have interns to sit in the shake shack line for me.