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Dec 2, 2009 07:16 AM

Ristorante Battibecco, Ewing NJ

This is the old Antonio's. It has just opened under new management. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. I had lunch there yesterday. My food was good - almost very good. Good value lunch menu, seems over priced for dinner.


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      Yeah - I agree about the dinner menu. I've not been impressed with what I get. Been there twice - only because it is very, very local for me. Got grilled veal once and a grilled chicken with mushrooms the second time. I do NOT like the bread they sevre, which is covered with melted cheese.

    2. We've had dinner at Battibecco twice. Excellent well rounded menu. Had special Cajun Scallop appetizer, EXCELLENT and Mussels with a spicy red sauce, no grit and fresh as could be. This place knows how to cook fish; Chilean Sea Bass is wonderful. They don't overcook meat like the majority of places in this area. Loved the bread, slathered with olive oil, salt and cheese. Bought two loaves to take to a dinner party in Philly (real foodie crowd); the bread was a big hit. This is our new favorite restaurant and we feel that the value is on a par with other local places of this calibre.

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        Good for you - personally I don't like the bread which is, as you say, “slathered with olive oil, salt and cheese"

        Good bread does not need all that.

        1. re: jerseybill52

          Should have mentioned that you can ask for plain bread.

      2. i liked the bread. it's an italian loaf, grilled, and the toppings are yummy. of course it doesn't need it. that's what makes it sinful. anyway, the blackened scallop appetizer was well executed (it was a little spicy, and not really italian, but the scallops were well prepared). white clam pasta was awesome. veal chop was very good. chicken with mushrooms was ordinary, and the canolli and tiramissu were both homemade and spot-on. the only thing i liked at old antonio's was mushroom aiolli. i like the new place better- even tho this restaurant doesn't have the local history, the location and the immordino's do! traditional italian food, true to trenton roots.

        1. well i think it is the best ITALIAN restaurant in the tri state area.the piping hot fresh garlic bread with parmesan is amazing the veal chop parmesan was the best i ever ate and the pastas were all homemade.The prices were right and the service great.the salads were the best this side of Rome.The langostine appetizer was truly a delight and the tiramisu and canollis were mmmmmmmmmmmm bella....

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            I would like to say to all... I know first off...PASTA'S ARE NOT HOMEMADE!! That's no.1... Second, they should be glad board of health turns a blind eye, as the kitchen is VERY DIRTY!!! When eating there, please take a good look at your utensils, as well as your glasses you drink from. All sauces are NOT made to order, but rather sitting in big vats... Seriously..this restaurant is fat from fine dining, its even a step below diner dining!

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              A1critic, I see you're a first-time poster. What did you have while you were dining there?

          2. The original comment has been removed