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Dec 2, 2009 06:55 AM

Sacramento Soul Food?

I am recently relocated to East Sacramento from the LA area. If people who are more familiar with the area could help me with finding a good (or great) soul food place.

The last review I see on the board is for the plantation which appears to be gone now. I have seen a number of places on Stockton.

Anyone have had soul food in Sac recently?



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  1. My favorite place is Sandra Dee's BBQ downtown (15th & H). The greens are the best I've ever had; full of flavor. The mac-n-cheese is creamy. The ribs fall off the bones. They have different levels of spiciness for their BBQ sauce; I did the medium and it was still pretty hot. I've also heard of a place on Stockton Blvd., but can't remember the name of it...Chicken and Waffles, or something like that. It got a good review in the Bee. I had tried the Plantation and didn't like it; much too plain for my tastes

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      Sandra Dee's all the way! Sweet tea done right!

    2. Sim's and Ruben's both went out of business, so the pickins are a little slim these days. Sandra Dee's is pretty good, but definitely on the fancy side for soul food.

      Your best bet may be Bobby T's on Stockton Blvd. Go early, though - it turns into a nightclub later on, and can get a little rough - gunplay in the parking lot is not uncommon.

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        Update: went to Bobby T's for lunch this week. They're closed, too.

      2. Sacramento seems to be a bit lacking in Soul food, I guess Sandra Dee' is about the best at offer at the moment.
        I just wish that they would get the connection of food and ambiance, a little Blues or Jazz would add so much.
        I read a recent review in the Bee that commented on the former Officer's Club on McLellan AFB, it was mentioned that on Friday they have a "Southern" lunch buffet that was pretty good.
        Haven't tried it as of yet but plan to in the near future.

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          I was just made aware of another place.

          "Yunece 69" or 61, located on Folsom Blvd and Bradshaw Rd. in this odd looking strip mall just west of the intersection.

          This place was reviewed some time ago and givena great report on the ribs and greens, potato salad, corn bread and macaronie and cheese.
          The owner is Korean, so you can also get Kalbi and other things.
          She does a great job with the ribs.
          When I get a jones for BBQ ribs I go there and get double greens and potato salad,
          I prefer this place to Sandra Dee's.

          I have also heard of another place in midtown, I think it is called "Table 260" that some of the people I know seem to like, have personnaly never been there.

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            Yunece 61
            9657 Folsom Boulevard
            Sacramento, CA 95827
            (916) 361-2014

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              i had heard table 260 had closed- anyone have updated info?